Workshop on Guidance Based School Education the Emerging concept

On 20 April, 2017, at Modern School, Poorvi Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, The objective of this conference is to euip school teachers with necessary knowledge, skills and attitude so that they can play a proactive role in organizing minimum guidance program in their schools.
It was very interactive and important program to give us the idea of counseling.

Workshop on Emotional Intelligence for Staff

On 28 January, 2017, a workshop on Emotional Intellingence for all the staff members was held in the school seminar hall by Ms. Avanthi. S. resource person from Poornaprajna Institute of Faculty improvement Bangalore .The main purpose of the workshop was to make us aware about our emotions and to connect with our own emotions and feelings before reacting to student misbehavior, finding ways to unwind after a busy day, or identifying our internal drivers are all ways of using our emotional intelligence to feel better with ourselves and the world around us. Emotional intelligence allows us to perceive emotions, which then allows us to understand them. This enables us to understand another person's motivations so we can reason with them. Emotional intelligence further enables us to manage our own emotions. Overall it was a very interactive session.

Workshop on child abuse

A workshop was conducted by Mrs.Kavita sharma and Ms. Ankita on 4 February 2017 prevention against child abuse in seminar hall of poorna prajana public school vasant kunj.The workshop focused on spreading awareness about child abuse through power point presentation.The motto is to prevent child abuse rather than finding a cure with their initiative project CACA(children against child abuse).All staff member also informed by POCSO ACT 2012 ., POCSO e Box, children help line number and websites.

Growth and Pubertal Development in Girls and Boys

An interactive session was conducted with the students of Grade VIII on the Topic "Growth and Pubertal Development" by Fortis Vasant Kunj on 2 February 2017. The girls session was taken by Ms Geetika, Counselling Psychologist and boys session by Dr Sameer Guliani, Psychiatric. The main focus of the session was on the Physical Changes and Emotional Changes that happens during the transition from Childhood to Adolescence and how to deal with these changes and overall well-being.

Career Counselling Workshop for X class

On 28 January, 2017, a workshop on Career Counselling for Class X students and their parents was held in the school seminar hall by Shri K. S. Sridhar, coordinator and resource person from Poorna Prajna Institute of Faculty improvement Bangalore and Principal Widia Poorna Prajan School,Bangalore. The main purpose of the workshop was to guide the students how to choose their options (Science, Commerce, Humanities) after Class X and then later to choose their Career as per their aptitude and personality.

The session was planned with an aim to guide students so that they make right stream selection and choose an appropriate career option which can be pursued in future. Following career fields were discussed during the session: Medicine, Engineering, Acturial Science, BBA/MBA, BBE/MBE, BCA/MCA, Law, Hotel Management, Defence, Designing, Modelling/Acting, Architecture and Photography etc. The session was much planned and it provided the students with an insight into diverse career avenues. They were explained the wider choice of careers after XII and the various subject combinations for various career. It was quite beneficial workshop for the students.

Workshop against child abuse

A Workshop was organised by Social Axiom Insignia, a not-for- profit trust on prevention against child abuse. The workshop was attended by Ms. Ankita and Ms. Kavita on 21 st january 2016, Saturday at Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi.
The workshop was conducted by Mr. Vikas Nautiyal (founder and director,leo planetaria; post graduate in Physics from Delhi University ; he advocates of rationalism on TV news like ABP, IBN AAJTAK etc.) and Ms. Vinita Zutshi ( writer, storyteller, parenting coach).
The workshop focused on spreading awareness about child abuse through safety workbooks. The motto is to prevent child abuse rather than finding a cure with their initiative Project Children Against Child Abuse ( Project CACA).

Workshop --- Use of Adobe Photoshop

Techno clan is made from two words i.e. Techno from technical and Clan means Tribe, Race or Family.
The workshop was held on 30th December 2016 in our school auditorium by the students of Class IX for class VI students. The moto was to make them aware of the use of Adobe Photoshop.
It started with two educational videos one was about a 12- year old app developer. Second was a motivational video of Casey. Students asked some questions related to these 2 videos. After this there was a power presentation on the topic Adobe Photoshop with live editing so that they can make it out how to use it. Class IX students introduced and elaborated all the tools briefly so that they can make it out which tool is authorized for which purpose. At last quiz on the basis of the PPT were asked. They all were very active. Class IX students had hard time as they had conducted the workshop for the first time but it was interesting and it gave them motivation to do more better than this next time.

Annual Inter School Painting Competition

Students participated in the Annual Inter School Painting Competition organised by HT Pace at InDia Gate Lawns.

Topics for junior category were
Magical Garden And book jacket

Topics for senior category were
Smart City and a gteat Invention

Students name are

Swapnil class 4D
Shivani 5D
Vishaka 8C
Pragati 8C


The workshop to learn various techniques to improve ones self awareness was conducted by Ms Sita Ayyar, for the staff on 26th November 2016.The focus was to enlighten the teachers about the importance of meditation and experience of inner silence.The session was made interactive with the teachers actively participating.Videos were also shown to reinforce the importance of silence to connect our "HIGHER SELF". Teachers felt very calm and peaceful at the end of the session.


"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today"

Believing this quote all the students of XII Com. Participated in "International commerce Olympiad-2016" conducted by "Commerce Teachers Foundation" on 25th Nov. Students participated enthusiastically in this one day event. Objective of conducting this test was to give an opportunity to the students to clear their concepts of the subjects and to build confidence among the students for the board examination.

Ramjas Inter School Debate

Neha Takuli of XI Commerce and Meghna Sharma of XI Commerce represented School in Ramjas Inter School (English) Debate, Pusa Road on 23rd November, 2016. The debate subjects were 'Media censorship is necessary'. 'Punishment does more good than harm and ' Technology is killing imagination endeavor'.

The audio and visual room at Ramjas School, Pusa Road reverberated as the students enthusiastically put forth their strong views on the subject 'Media censorship is necessary.' Over 60 schools vied with each other for a berth in the final round. Professor Debraj Mookerjee from Ramjas College Delhi University; Samridhi Sagar, editor of Ratna Sagar Publications and Mr. Sudhir Bose, Vice - President of Federation of Film societies of India adjudged the students as judges.

The contestants called for the need to ensure the media in light of the increasing security threats which actually undermine our security interest. The vigorous debate drew the audience attention to unregulated flow of content through media and strategies to check it.

-Reported by Anita Dimri (PGT English)

CBSE Capacity Building Workshop

A two days capacity building programme was organised by CBSE centre of Excellence Gurugram for English teachers teaching class 12th.It was held from 10th November to 11th November 2016.English Language Trainer (ELT) Ms.Ruchi Sengar and Jagdeep S. More wra the resource persons. The teachers were acquainted with graghic novels to make classes interesting. All students should be engaged,involved and participate happily in form of group activities and to elicit responses from the students by making learning relative to their surroundings.

-Reported by Anita Dimri

Fun with Grammar

On Thursday, 17th October'16 , a workshop " Fun with Grammar" was conducted by Ms. Anuradha Majumdar, a resource person from the "Hindustan Times". The workshop was organized for the students of classes IV & V on the topic 'Tenses'. The students got a chance to learn tenses in an interesting way and interacted well with the resource person.It was a well conducted workshop .Our head mistress Ms.Priya C.Durga extended vote of thanks to Ms.Anuradha Majumdar .

Career Counselling By Naval Officers

A workshop was conducted for the students of class 10th & 12th by the Indian Navy on account of Indian Navy week. Two naval officers Lieutenant P.K.Singh and Lieutenant Vibrant enlightened the students with their motivating and inspiring words. They briefed the students about the functions of Indian Navy on the three dimensions through short video films. They also made the students aware about the procedure to get in Indian Navy by clearing the SSB exam and the SSB interview. The workshop was really interesting and informative. Afterwards the house was open for questions.The students very enthusiastically asked questions to the naval officers. Their motivating words cultivated feeling of patriotism among students. The workshop was really helpful as it made the students aware about the courageous life of Indian officers who work day and night away from their families protecting the lives of people and the country.
" It's not only the winds that make our flag fly, but the last breath of our Indian officers who died protecting it".

Cybersafe – A google hangout with Bangalore Branch

The students of Class VIII and Class V of our School conducted a workshop via google hangout for the students of Poorna Prajna Public School (Bangalore) on 28 th October, 2016 wherein they discussed about how we should be safe on net while surfing. The workshop was coordinated by Ms. Anju Chugh & Mr. Deepak Gupta provided a platform to the students to spread awareness among other children as how to work on net safely.


Hangout Session with Edcamp Global

The students participated in the Global Collaboration Classrooms on 30 th July, 2016 wherein they interacted with international personals for exchange of information. The workshop coordinated by Ms. Anju Chugh & Mr. Deepak Gupta provided a platform to the students to not only understand innovations in technology across countries but also portray their technological potential.


Visit to 'Muskan'

Muskan is a parent Associations for the welfare of children with mental handicap. It provides comphrensive education, Vocational training and work opportunities to person with intellectual disability. Students of Class XII A visited Muskan accompanied by Mrs. Sita Iyer and Mrs. Rashmi Bhat. Students spent time with the people their and visited the different sections of the institution. The people there exhibited their craft, bakery, jewellery and many more things welfare. The journey left over an impact of humanity on the students and gave them message of love and will power is the essence of life.

Career Councillng

A Career counseling for students of economics for class XI and XII was held on 29 Sep 2016 at the school auditorium. With regard to the options and opportunities concerned, there used to be some degree of confusion as far as students of economics concerned. Given this backdrop, It was a wonderful session and welcome departure from the past. The event was organised by school Economics faculty Mrs sunitha kumari. Several career opportunities and options were discussed and explained in that session which were kind of eye opener for Students. Famous career councilor and educationalist, Mr .Ish Gera of Ecovisionnaire held fort which lasted about two hrs. The new information, the feedback from students suggests, spurred their imagination to pursue the stream with passion. As a follow up the students have decided to have a crack at the upcoming ECO OLYMPIAD.

Workshop on Good Touch & Bad Touch

A workshop on "Good Touch and Bad Touch" for small children of classes IV & V was organized by the school in association with Fortis ,Vasant Kunj on 4th of October'16. Dr Sarita a pediatrician address the students. The children were told that nobody is allowed to touch their private areas , the children were taught how to keep safe from inappropriate touch and that it is important to speak up rather than to suffer in silence.

Health and Hygiene Programme by Fortis Vasant Kunj

To inculcate healthy habits and good hygienic practices among children the Fortis organise a workshop in the school seminar hall for Nursery, KG and I class on Monday, 26 Sep 2016.
The aim was to induce behavioural change in school children via fun activities that encourage healthy habits and a demo was given on eight steps of hand washing and how to use hand sanitizer.

Workshop on Handling Difficult Classroom Situation

Workshop on topic "Handling difficult classroom situation" was organized for the staff members on Thursday, September 15, 2016 in the school Seminar Hall .The resource person was Ms Geetika, Counselling Psychologist from Fortis. The main focus of the workshop was on providing insight on how to enhance classroom teaching by handling difficult students. She discussed about the 4c's of Affective Domain which are Connection (belongingness with the student), Capability (appreciating each child and acknowledging the diversity), Count (treating each child equally) and Courage (respect each child's feelings).

Olympiad on 30th August 2016

The primary wing conducted CBSE - TERI Olympiad for classes IV & V on 30th August, 2016. Total 94 students participated. The theme was Our - Environment. The students participated very enthusiastically in the Olympiad.

National PsycOlympiad on 22 August 2016

Expression India organized National PsychOlympiad on 22 August 2016.Seven psychology students along with subject teacher Dr Sameena Ansari participated in various activities like poster making competition, on the spot painting and psychology quiz. Participating teacher were also asked to draw and sketch their vision.

Dr Nagpal Address the students and conveyed that psychology as a discipline will help you to discover your ability proactively and will help in development of life skills, values health and wellbeing. It was a very motivating and learning experience for the students and they are looking forward for the second series of PsycOlympiad.

Workshop attended by Ms. Samta, Ms. Namita & Ms. Roma

Teachers from Primary wing have attended the workshop organized by 'Next Education' held in Birla Vidya Niketan School' on 20th August, 2016. The main motto of workshop was to design teaching strategies that can make course work easy, meaningful and enjoyable for students. There was an effective discussion on teaching strategies that are grounded in research on how student learn. It was very interactive and helpful. Teachers actively participated

Puppetry Workshop – Primary Wing

A Puppetry workshop was conducted by Mr. Mahesh, a resource person from "The Hindustan Times". The workshop was held for the Primary wing of our school. The puppets used in the workshops were based on different animal characters. All the students enthusiastically attended and enjoyed the workshop very much.

Mother & Daughter Health & Hygiene Programme - 20th August, 2016

Our school organized "Mother & Daughter Health & Hygiene Programme" for the girls' students of Class VI & VII and their mothers in association with Proctor & Gamble in the school premises on Saturday, 20 Aug 2016.

The programme comprised of three sessions :
a) Introduction & Interactive sessions (with bonding games between mother & daughter).
b) Mother's education session.
c) Girls' education session.

The audience was also made aware about the do's & don't to be followed like healthy eating habits, to avoid junk food, to do workout, to drink plenty of water etc. They enjoyed short informative film followed by an Interactive Question Answer session. Overall it was an informative programme.

Health and Hygiene Programme by Savlon Swasth India - 17th August, 2016

To inculcate healthy habits and good hygienic practices among children the Savlon Swasth India Team organise a workshop in the school seminar hall for III, IV & V class on Wednesday, 17 Aug 2016.
The aim was to induce behavioural change in school children via fun activities that encourage healthy habits such as:
 Passing the ball and by this activity they showed how germ pass through each other.
 Through Ultra Violet light demo showed the germs.
 Hand wash demo through short movie on projector and encourage them for healthy habits.
Savlon liquid antiseptic, hand wash soap and a participation certificate was distributed to all the students and placed sign board on washroom, which shows eight correct steps for hand washing.

Bully to Buddy Workshop - 4th August, 2016

A workshop was organized for the selected students of classes IV and V on 4 August, 2016 in the school Seminar Hall, where the resource person Geetika Virdi (Counselling Psychologist) and Meghana Rajesh (Arts based therapist) from Fortis Vasant Kunj, made the students aware of the various forms of bullying, the short and long term and effect of bullying and various strategies to counteract bullying. It was a learning experience as role play was used as a medium by students to express and communicate their thoughts and feelings.

Career Counselling Session - 25th July 2016

A Career Counselling session for class XI science students was held by Mr. Ravi from Achievers- Centre of Learning on 25July 2016. The objective was to identify deserving students so that they can be nurtured & groomed for higher level entrance exam. The students were briefed about about various competitive examinations.

Stream Orientation - 23rd July 2016

A stream orientation programme was organized on Saturday 23 July 2016 for the students of class XI and their parents. The session was planned with an aim to guide students so that they make right stream selection and choose an appropriate career option which can be pursued in future.
The parents were benefited as they openly discussed about their children and to understand their competence related to their career.

Workshop on Early Identification of Special Needs - 23rd July 2016

Workshop on Early Identification of Special Needs was held on 23 July, 2016 for parents of primary group classes in the school Seminar hall. Dr Sameena Ansari (School Counsellor) spoke about the various aspects of Inclusive Education in main stream school setup, especially the underlying role of teachers in integrating students with special needs by unconditional non judgmental support, peer tutoring and emotional mentoring.
The aim of the workshop was to create awareness about the special need and how to do early diagnosis.

Workshop on facilitating Participatory Learning Environments through Reverse Planning - 22nd July, 2016

An English workshop on the topic facilitating participatory learning environment through reverse planning was organized by Next Education on 22-07- 16 at Madhuban Hotel, New Delhi. The session was conducted by Mrs. Bhavana Ganguly, who is working as an academician with Next Education. Ms.Khyati Bhatia and Mrs. Sumita Chillar participated in this workshop.

The workshop mainly focused on understanding of Reverse Planning Methodology. The backward design or reverse planning was explained by the facilitator in three stages:-

1. Desired Results - This stage aims at identifying big ideas or concepts that students should understand
2. Assessment Evidence - This stage includes identification of various assessment tasks and methods to assess student's understanding of the unit
3. Lesson Plan - Third stage includes designing activities, resource management, teaching methods to ensure achievement of desired results.
The academician shared insightful ideas and activities to sustain participatory learning in classroom.

Motivational Workshop for XI & XII - 18th July 2016

To upgrade the emotional quotient of the students a motivational session was held in school on 18 July 25, 2016 by Mr Pandey an Academician from NRR Institute for classes XI & XII.

The session focused on facing and accepting the life with its problems head on without any bickering and blame games.. The session also discussed and addressed some of the dilemmas that students go through at this age and provided tips and ways to overcome and move ahead in their chosen path.

Workshop on Accountancy - 16th July, 2016

Commerce teachers association organized a workshop on Accountancy at Bal Bharti Air Force Public School, Lodhi Road, New Delhi and it was attended by Mrs. Rachna Sharma (PGT Comm.). the resource persons were Mr. G.S. Grewal and Mr. R.K. Khosla (renowned authors of accountancy books and Faculty member of Northern India Regional council of Institute of Company Secretaries of India, NIRC, ICAI).

Workshop began with discussion on the clarifications by CBSE on certain topics of Accountancy by Mr. G.S.Grewal. Then Mr Khosla discussed important topics of XII Accountancy and enhanced the knowledge of teachers.

Workshop on Google Apps - 13th May, 2016

A workshop on Google Apps of Education was conducted by Ms. Anju Chugh & Mr. Deepak Gupta, Poorna Prajna Public School on 13th May, 2016 for teachers of New Green Fields School, Saket. The workshop was an apt platform for the resource persons to share their learning with their fellow teachers leading to their professional growth. The resource persons thanked more than 25 teachers for their overwhelming response to the workshop.

Workshop on Cyber Safety - 6 th May, 2016

Workshop on cyber safety was conducted by students of Class VIII (Leela Rao, Aditya Sinha, Arnav & Aditya Choubey & Ayush Galyan) for all the students of Class V under the guidance of Ms. Anju Chugh. The workshop emphasized on how to be safe on net while surfing, how to create strong password, Phishing etc.

Workshop for Mathematics Teachers

Vasant Valley School had organized a workshop for mathematics teachers titled Enabling Mathematics Learning through hands on activities on Friday, 6 th May'16, which was attended by Ms. Shakunt & Ms. Ashita.

The workshop had focused on the investigation problems which highlight important mathematical concepts that can be integrated in the classroom, for middle school. A hand on session on Geo Gebra which deals with non-routine problems that can generate mathematical curiosity of the students was focused.

The workshop was conducted by:-
 Dr. Jonaki Ghosh, Assisstant Professor of Mathematicsin the department of elementary education, at Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi.
 Dr. Hanut Gandhi, Assistant Professor of Mathematics in the Department of Education, University of Delhi.

Bid Farwell and Felicitation Of Retired Teachers

The programme was organized in honour of Ms. Archana Bhatnagar and Ms. Madhavi Dahiya on 23rd April 2016. The function was to facilitate both retired teachers with moments for their loyal service and dedication. With hearts filled with gratitude and love, the management and staff bid farewell to both the senior teachers. Where the programme was accompanied by all the alumni teachers. School staff actively participated with full enthusiasm to make the moments memorable. In presence of our Chairman Shri H.L.Suresh and Manager Shri Rattan Singh the farewell came to an end with gifts, bouquets & lovely performances which made an emotional environment for both the teachers. Both of them have put their heart & soul in the school's progress. Their hard work and dedication is immense & cannot be compared. All gave best wishes for their future & promised to be in touch. PPPS is blessed to have teachers like them.


The School's Physics faculty Ms. Sunita Tokas attended one day workshop on Application of Physics in real life. The workshop was conducted in two sessions.
Session 1:- In this session lecture was delivered by Prof. Rupmanjari Ghose "(Vice Chancellor, Shiv Nadir University, Noida) on implementation of Physics in daily life. Besides, the lecture by Prof. Rupmanjari Ghose there was another lecture delivered by the resource person Dr. Gautam on application of Physics.
Session 2:- Demonstrations of low cost physics experiments by two different experts were shown, which can be used while teaching in the classroom.
Overall it was an interactive session. It was really a great experience to attend the workshop.

World Health Day

The school celebrated World Health Day . Students of classes from 1st to XII participated . Posters were put up on the walls of the school making students aware of the importance of good health and how one can keep healthy .
Following are the highlights of the day's activities;
1) PPT on the subject "World Health Day 2016: Beat diabetes" was shown to each class Children were given information on Diabetes and its effects and how one can prevent diabetes and strengthen care.
2) Classes 4th to 8th Students participated in Slogan Writing and Poster Making activities.

The event in-charge was Ms. Himani Shokhand.

Workshop - "Teachers as Innovative Mentors"

An Interactive workshop on" Teachers as Innovative Mentors " was held for all the staff members on Wednesday, 30 March, 2016 in the School Seminar Hall. The session was conducted by Mr. Kamalneet Singh, a trainer from Promise organisation.
The session started with an introduction and emphasis was laid on creating a friendly environment in the classroom, and that teachers should refine and enhance their skills and innate qualities for more effective and interactive teaching.
The techniques applied in the workshop were very innovative and many activities were done by the teachers which made the session fruitful and learning based.
Overall an interactive and informative session.

Seminar on Economics

6th February, 2016:- There was a seminar for Economics teachers on 6th February, 2016 at Maharaja Agrasin Public School, Ashok Vihar. The session eas addressed by eminent speakers & Schoalr, Sh. J.P. Goel, Associate Professor, Head Dept. of Economics, Hindu College, Sonepat, Haryana.

The seminar aims to throw the light on
a) Recent changes in CBSE syllabus.
b) Pattern of Examination

Critical and argumentatal topics like consumers equilibrium Production function in Microeconomics were also discussed. Nearly, 150 teachers from different Schools participated in the workshop. It was really interesting & Informative session.

Alumni Meet Of Poorna Prajna

Alumni Meet Milan 2016 was held at School premises on 24th January 2016. Principal, Vice Principal, Head Mistress, Ex-Teachers, Staff and Alumni attended the event.
An array of cultural activities was conducted inclusive of Ramp walk and Musical presentation. Prestigious Titles were conferred like Mr. and Ms Alumunus and Mr. and Ms. Personality.
"Prajnite Album" prepared by Ms Priya Durga was released on the occasion showcasing the successful ventures of Prajnite was appreciated by all .
Principal Sandeep Dahiya addressed the gathering and congratulated students for the good work done for the society. Vice Principal Mrs. Anju Singh proposed a vote of thanks.


jan 26th, 2015:- With this spirit our school celebrated India's 67th Republic Day in the school premises. Tilak House got the opportunity to organize the function. The function started with the "Flag Hoisiting" by the Principal Sir accompanied by Vice Principal Mam and Head Mistress Mam.followed by the National Anthem followed by a talk by a student of class XI. Tiny toddlers of Pre- primary classes also made their contribution by singing a beautiful song 'Hum hain veer sipahi…….'Just after this song, prizes were given by the Head Mistress Mam, Vice Principal Mam and the Principal Sir to all those students who have done wonders in various fields like Art, Sanskrit and the talent show. After the prize distribution ceremony, Principal Sir gave an inspiring and motivating speech. The function concluded with a patriotic song sung by Class VIII students and an enthralling dance performance by Class VII.

Wiley Physics teachers conclave on CBSE curriculum & Reshaping of Physics Curriculum

December 28th & 29th, 2015:- The workshop was organized by Wiley in association with IAPT & QEA at Indian National Science Academy on 28 & 29 December, 2015. It was attended by Ms. Sunita Tokas (PGT Physics). It was a very enriching experience for her.

Bid Farwell to Class XII

31st December, 2015:- In the month of December 2015, a farewell party was hosted by Class XI for the outgoing batch of Class XII. The event commenced with a presentation of a medley of dances and songs by students of Class XI, wishing good luck to their seniors. The show stealer was a ramp walk where six titles were conferred to the deserving students of the outgoing batch. Ankur Sharma of XII B and Shivika Pant of XII A were crowned as Mr & Miss PPPS respectively. The School Principal Shri Sandeep Dahiya wished the outgoing students for a better future. The Programme concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by the School's Vice Principal, Ms. Anju Singh.

Workshop on Memory Techniques

An Interactive workshop on" Memory Enhancement" technique for all the staff members held on Saturday, 26 Dec, 2015 in School seminar Hall. The session was conducted by Mr Anant Kasibhatla, a corporate trainer and international speaker and author. The session was of three hours with a short break. The session includes introduction and how to achieve peak performance and techniques to improve memory and about VAP. He made the teachers familiar with the 'law of association' and 'image construction' for the sharpening of their intellect. Overall an Interactive and informative session.

Poorna Prajna Public School-Sports Synergy

Poorna Prajna Public School, Vasant Kunj hosted its Sports Meet. The Chief Guest was Mrs Minakshi Pahuja, a Swimmer of National and International fame. The event began with the Lamp Lighting ceremony followed by a Saraswati Vandana. With the lighting of the Poorna Prajna Sports Torch, the Chief Guest declared the Meet Open, and the sky was simultaneously dotted with innumerable balloons that rose steadily in the sky. A dance, wherein 200 students took part, marked the opening of the Sports Meet. Sports persons of the school and tiny tots of Nursery and K.G, holding Sports items and banners advocating Sports and Sportsmanship, walked the length of the ground waving to the audience. The mascot of Sports Synergy-Little Lion enthralled the children with its antics. Students looked resplendent in colourful costumes performing to an audience of about 2000 people. The students performed aerobics , calisthenics, drills and lazium. A performance in Yogic exercises received a thunderous applause. The track and field events witnessed tough competition between participants. There was cheering from all sides. Trophies and Mementos were awarded to the winners. A race for the Parents was enjoyed by all. In his address the Chief Guest lauded the efforts of Teachers and appreciated the clock work precision with which the program was conducted. The school Chairman Shri H.L Suresh congratulated the Teachers on the successful celebration of Sports Day. The School Principal Shri Sandeep Dahiya averred sports and sportsmanship were a great discipline and needed to be encouraged in all children.

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TOI News Makers' Meet (2015-16)

Times NIE new makers' meet 2015-16, an initiative of the TIMES NIE was held on December 11 ( Friday) at Kamani Auditorium, No. 1 , Copernicus Marg, New Delhi.

Mehul Gupta, X C and Neha Rai of XI A were nominated as Young Reporters of NIE for the year 2015-16. The event was organised in two parts: Evaluation Exam and Press Conference. The young reporters' general awareness level, writing style, ability to conceptualise and report were tested in the Ist phase of Evaluation Exam. The Press Conference provided the school reporters with a forum to voice their opinions and concerns. They were given an opportunity to interact with an esteemed panel if members comprising Delhi Police Commissioner Mr. B.S Bassi and Senior editors if the Times of India. It was an innovative meet for aspiring journalists and editors. Mehul and Neha received merit certificate, gift voucher, badges, tee - shirts and refreshment. It was an opportunity to learn, new skills in everything Journalistic! The students were accompanied by Mrs . Anita Dimri, TOI School Co-coordinator.

Best Speaker's Debate and Final Debate 2015-16

"Words can do wonderful things, they can urge, they can wheedle, whip or whine. They can forge a fiery army out of a hundred languid men".
These words of 'Gwendolyn Brooks' aptly defined the rigorous debating session held in School Auditorium, as Poorna Prajna Debating Society had its 'Best Speaker's Debate ' on 20th of November, 2015. The topic being debated XIIth A Vs XI th A was "India: theatre of absurd".
The house was graced by Sh. H.L. Suresh, Chairman, Development Committee, Poorna Prajna , Principal Sh. Sandeep Dahiya, Vice Principal Ms Anju Singh, Headmistress Ms Archana Bhatnagar, Member of Management Sh P.S. Shetty and students of classes XIth and XIth.
The esteemed panel of judges had Mr Kartik Sahni, Vice President of St. Stephens Debating Society , Mr Binil Mathew, Convenor of St. Stephens Debating Society and Ms Shruti Dargan, Deputy Chief Copy Editor, HT. Both Proposition and Opposition teams had a heated discussion and XIth A was declared winners.
'Kajal Shisodiya' was adjudged best speaker against the motion and Deepika Mishra was adjudged Best Speaker. 'For' the motion Kashish Vashisth of Class XIIth was chosed Best 'Interjector'. Chairman, Sh. H.L. Suresh felicitated winners, Best Speakers, Best Interjectors and all the contestants with trophies and certificates. Winners of Final Debate were also awarded by Chairman Sir. He applauded the oratory skills of our budding orators as well as the chairing team for being sharp and focused. Thus the day marked the culmination of debating rounds for the year 2015-16, filled with hopes, dreams and aspirations for a new year.
"In all debates let truth be the aim, not victory"
Happy Debating

Annual Day Celebrations 2015 - 16

Poorna Prajna Public School , New Delhi celebrated its Annual day with lot of zeal and vigour. The Programme showcased the pride we feel in our country through an array of spectacular dances on the theme " Celebrating Hues of India " . His Holiness Sri. Vishwapriya Theertha Swamiji , President Udupi Sri Admar Mutt Education Council , graced the occasion with his benign presence. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mrs. Anita Satia, Regional Director of Education, Distt. South West ( A), Directorate of Education , NCT of Delhi and Director, State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT ). The event was well attended by distinguished guests and respected parents. The programme commenced with Lamp lighting ceremony followed by cultural events that portrayed the essence and pride in being Indian. The highlights of the day were Swasti Vachan and dances from different states of India. The mesmerizing debut performance by the school Band - "Incredible Prajnites" on Vande Mataram was appreciated and applauded by the audience. Prizes were given to the students for excellence in Scholastic , Co-Scholastic and sports. The class XII CBSE Board Exam toppers were felicitated and given scholarship for their exemplary performance.The Principal , Shri. Sandeep Dahiya presented the School Annual Report. Shri. H.L Suresh , Chairman Development Committee, in his welcome address, encouraged the Teachers and students to continue to work for the progress of the school. The Chief Guest released the school magazine " Abhyudaya" and lauded the efforts of the students and also congratulated the school on the excellent show that was put up. Vote of thanks was proposed by the School Manager, Shri. Rattan Singh.

New opportunities and new career options on Saturday, 1 August,2015

In an attempt to encourage and guide our students to take up new and promising careers and excel in the area of their interests, Poorna Prajna Public School organized a motivating workshop on 1Aug, 2015 for the students of Class XI & XII on "Aircraft Maintenance Engineering from IIA". The speaker, an eminent career counsellor Ms Meenu Bhargaw motivated the students to believe in their dreams and follow the path to success through various new courses available today. The students gained knowledge about new opportunities in career through this interactive session.

Report on Workshop on English Lab on Saturday, 1 August,2015

The school's English Faculty attended a workshop on " Redefining What an English Lab Should be" on 1st August,2015 in Senior Computer Lab. More than ever before , today's learners in schools need to acquire a competence level in English that will measure up to global standards. The areas covered in workshop by Educomp were Spoken English, Fluency Tutor, Read and Write, Listening Comprehension and various games to make learning fun for the learners. The features like Story –Telling, See-it and do – it were the highlights of the workshop.

Vaastu Homa performed on Tuesday, 28 July,2015

The school building having been completed, a Vaastu Homa was performed to thank God for the construction work of the school having been completed successfully and to pray that His blessings may always be upon the school. Prayers were said and a Homa was performed in the presence of Chairman and distinguished Members of the Managing Committee.

An interactive session was held by Dr Jitendra Nagpal

An interactive session was held by Dr Jitendra Nagpal on 25th July 2015 in the school premises on the topic 'Discipline'. The workshop was held in the presence of the Principal, Vice-principal, and Headmistress for teachers and parents of Psychology and CRP students. Key points covered in theworkshop included discipline issues faced by students.

Why children don't understand nature of discipline when parents try to inculcate such habits.
How miscommunication in families can affect a child.
How can we reduce the stress among children caused by generation gap?

Overall a very interactive and brainstorming session it was and where parents came up with lots of concerns that they are facing with their children.

Special Assembly: Class – V 'D'

A special assembly was held by class V-D on 21 July 2015 with great enthusiasm. The topic was Space. The students brought all the heavenly bodies from the space to the grounds of Poorna Prajna. Children depicted themselves as planets, aliens and scientists. They carried props, banners and masks and each one of them spoke about themselves . Inspite of the hot weather everybody enjoyed the assembly

Special Assembly: Class – V 'C'

Tuesday, 14th July, 2015 – A Special Assembly on "Useful ways in which we spent our Holidays" was presented by the students of Class – V 'C'. The students presented in a novel fashion how they pursued different activities and not only enjoyed themselves but also learnt many new things. Some activities that were projected were going on treks, learning to dance and sing following sports, reading, helping at home etc. The presentation was unique and proved to be very attractive!

Founders Day : - 9th July 2015

Founders Day was celebrated on Thursday, the 9th July 2015 in remembrance of our Founder President Late H.H. Shri Vibhudesha Teertha Swamiji. Chief Guest Mr. Manish Jain (Engineer IIT Kanpur and Scientific Toys Maker), Shri H.L.Suresh Chairman Development Committee, Mrs Anju Singh Vice Principal, Mrs Archana Bhatnagar, Head Mistress graced the occasion. The programme commenced with lighting of lamp. A short movie on this special day was presented by senior students of school. Mr. Jain appreciated efforts of children at Science Model Exhibition. Shri H.L. Suresh addressed the gathering and threw light on importance and integration of science in life, a dream of our Founder President. This was followed by a workshop on "Science and Maths Hands on". Students were thrilled about the concept of making toys on their own. Mr.Jain was honoured by Shri H.L.Suresh. Mrs Anju Singh gave Vote of Thanks.
Head Girl, Bhawna Sehrawat – XII Commerce and Head Boy, Arish Ahmad – XII Science pay tribute to Respected Swamiji on the Founder's Day.

Orientation Programme

A Stream Orientation Programme was organized on Saturday 4th July 2015 for the students of class XI and their parents. The session was planned with an aim to guide students so that they make right stream selection and consequently choose an appropriate career option which can be pursued in future.
The parents too benefited as they openly discussed about their children which helped them to understand their ward's potential, interest and competence that would consequently result in appropriate career choices.

Special Assembly, 7th July 2015

Class V B hosted the Special Assembly on 7th July 2015. The theme was 'Books'. The assembly started with a thought on Books. Some students recited poems in English and Hindi. The importance of books was told as books are a great blessing and our best friends. The importance of taking care of the books was elaborated upon. All the students of class V B participated in this Special Assembly. It ended with the National Anthem.

Poorna Prajna celebrates the First International Yoga Day

To celebrate the First International Yoga Day in the school grounds, an initiative of the Principal, teachers and students gathered in the school lawns. It was indeed a historical moment and to be a part of history being written was indeed a moment of immense pride. The participation of parents was also very encouraging.
Banners on the school gate, announcing the event, welcomed the participation of approximately 50-60 students & staff.
The mood was further elevated when the importance and usefulness of adapting Yoga in everyday life, for a healthy and wholesome life, was elaborated upon.
The near forty minute session was complete when nearly 20 asanas were performed by the gathering. Students demonstrated, while a select group of students, accompanied by the Yoga Instructress Ms Himani Shokhand, assisted the novice performers.
In his brief address, the Principal encouraged the gathering to take to Yoga as a way of life. He congratulated the Sports Faculty for arranging the event.

Orientation Programme – Class IX

Parents of class ix were invited to an Orientation Programme on Saturday, 25th April,2015. The purpose of the Orientation programme was to acquaint the parents about the scholastic & coscholastic areas of CCE. The parents were shown a PPT that gave them an idea of how to execute CCE in the class IX & X. The students were encouraged to pursue and how each parent was expected to be involved in their child's school life, besides giving a brief on the past achievements of the school. It was ended with a motivational video on the Parental support to the child.

Book Release

The Book release function of the, Poorna Prajna Guidelines to Teachers – A Ready Reckoner, was held in the School Auditorium, on 24 April, 2015.
The Book, an initiative of the school Management , was released by the hands of School Chairman,Shri H.L. Suresh and Shri IK Bhat, School Manager. The concept was the brainchild of the school Vice Principal, Mrs Anju Singh and had inputs from the Faculty. The initiative was applauded by all.

Investiture Ceremony

'If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more then you are a leader' by John Quincy Adams.
The Investiture Ceremony for the Academic Session 2015-2016 was held in a special ceremony at the school Special Assembly. The event was presided over by the Principal. It was conducted with a high degree of sincerity and enthusiasm.
The Investiture ceremony denotes investment in being leaders and the trust and confidence reposed in the newly invested office bearers for the involvement of the students' community in day to day functioning of the school, since the school believes in a child centric approach.
The ceremony was held with lots of enthusiasm and gusto The newly elected student council took an oath in front of the whole school to be true to their posts and duties assigned to them.
The Head boy, Arish Ahmed and the Head girl Bhawna Sehrawat, shared their thoughts on taking this esteemed responsibility and the office bearers were encouraged by the motivational speech of the respected Principal. It was also a proud moment for the Junior Head Boy,Farhan Akhtar and the Junior Head Girl, Divyanshi Bakshi. The ceremony was concluded with the National anthem.

Well Begun Is Half Done –Saturday, 4 April,2015

At the outset of the session ,an orientation programme was organised for classes VI to VIII on 4th April in the respective classrooms.The purpose of the orientation was to enhance parent, teacher , student interaction and strengthen their bonding.A presentation was shown to the parents displaying various curricular , co curricular activities,academic assessments,code of conduct,guidelines with school's vision and motto.The presentation was followed with an interactive session with the parents to resolve their queries.
The program culminated with the playing of the school anthem and thanking the parents for their valuable co-operation.

Orientation Programme –Saturday, 4 April,2015

Parents of Classes I and VI to VIII were invited to an Orientation Programme on Saturday, 4 April,2015. The purpose of the Class I Orientation programme was to acquaint the parents of the new Assessment pattern to be followed in Class I. The parents were shown a PPT that gave them an idea of how they can support the school in helping their children to develop into confident and successful human beings. The Orientation Programme for Classes VI to VIII aimed at making the parents aware of the philosophy and ethos of the school. The Power Point presentation threw light on the pattern of Assessments made all year round, the Scholastic and Co- Scholastic activities the students were encouraged to pursue and how each parent was expected to be involved in their child's school life, besides giving a brief on the past achievements of the school.

Nursery Orientation Programme –Tuesday, 24 March,2015

Parents of the the new entrants to the school's Nursery sections were invited to an Orientation Programme before the start of the session. A PPT Presentation shown to the parents gave a brief introduction to the history of the school, the philosophy on which the school runs and the day to day programme followed in the Nursery classes. The audience was addressed by the Chairman Shri HL Suresh, the Principal also welcomed the guests and gave an introductory talk . The programme ended with gifts being given to welcome the new entrants while the guests enjoyed high tea.

Poorna Prajna Alumni Mentoring Programme

The PoornaPrajna Public School ,VasantKunj , organised an Alumni Mentoring Programme for the students of classes IX and X. The speakers for the event were Alumni , MsKritikaBehal and DrAnshulMahajan .

Alumni ,MsKritika , Master of Sociology and working as a travel consultant for a travel company and Alumni , DrAnshul a Dental Surgeon practicing in Delhi , interacted with the students.

The event started with the speakers giving a brief introduction about their school and college lives and about their current professions and work profiles. MsKritika talked to the students about the nuances of the travel industry and what it entailed. She talked about the tough corporate world and also shared experience with the students the perks of being in an industry that allowed her to travel to different places, cultures and get to know the people of different countries.

DrAnshul spoke to students about what it meant to be a doctor. He told the students that the practice of medicine is a very noble profession He explained to the students that to enter the health profession one needs to have a keen interest in life sciences He also advised the students to be patient as the studies required to become a doctor were hard and time taking, but nevertheless rewarding at the end.

The talk by the speakers was followed by an interactive session wherein the students asked questions and cleared their apprehensions about the respective careers options. This gave the students a better idea on how to choose the right career path. The Programme initiated by School Vice Principal Ms. AnjuSingh , hopes to develop a bond between the Alumni and students. The event was hugely successful and the school plans to hold more such sessions in the future, inviting Alumni Members from various other professions.

12th March, 2015 – Session on Google Apps with Teachers

Successfully conducted the Session on "Google Tools(Apps)" on 12th March. What a learning experience for all of us as shared information regarding Google drive, forms, hangouts. We all staff members are Stepping ahead to spread the knowledge of cloud computing using google apps.

Community Reach Programme

Poorna Prajna inculcates among its students a sense of responsibility towards the society, through compassion, empathy , respect for the elders and reaching out to them . Under the Community Reach Programme ( CRP) , Prajnites accompanied by the school CRP coordinator Ms. Veena Salaria visited an old age home of Help Age India in Dasghera village ,near Karol Bagh , where they interacted with elderly women neglected and abandoned by their own kith and kin and made an endeavour to help them forget their suffering sometime by entertaining them with dances and singing bhajans with them. They also presented them with blankets sent by the school Chairman Shri H.L.Suresh. The visit strengthened the students determination to serve humanity and disadvantaged sections of society and to take care of the old people in the family also.

Poorna Prajna Annual Alumni Reunion

25th January,2015 – Prajnite Alumni Association of Poorna Prajna Public School , Vasant Kunj recently held its Annual Alumni Reunion – MILAN – 2015. The event witnessed a large number of participation of Ex-Students , Ex – teachers , teachers , present students and Head-Mistress with Admin staff. The Alumni of various batches remembered their good old school days , exchanged their views and the whole environment turned nostalgic as the Alumni shared anecdotes from their time during school days. The programme commenced with a welcome address by convenor and Vice Principal Ms. Anju Singh and the host of the show were Alumni Ms. Ayushi Sharma and Alumni Mr. Sagar Khetwani . The Programme was conceptualized and organized by the core team of the Prajnite Alumni Association. The attraction of the event was band performance by Alumni Shivam Thakur group, followed by foottapping numbers, paper dance, balloon dance and dance performances by Alumni. The Expression wall was a major hit where all Alumni poured their hearts and soon the wall was filled with their feelings for school , their stories of how school values and education helped them in their lives.

GANIT WEEK (16th December, 2014 – 22nd December, 2014)

16th December , 2014 – on this day a workshop on Maths was conducted, discussing the programme we had our chief guest Mr. Naveen Bhargava the director of Vedic Maths, accompanied by Mr. Ajay Vasudeva who is also the director of vedic maths. Mr. Naveen with his innovative ideas has devised easy & simple method which has made learning mathematics a pleasure for all children. He gave beautiful tips to the children for solving Mathematical Problems very quickly. Students realy enjoyed their session and asked so many doubts in Maths. Mr. Naveen inserted an immense interest in Maths to the children.

17th December , 2014 – An essay writing competition was held for the classes IX & X

18th December , 2014 – Quiz Competition was held for classes IV, V & VI

19th December , 2014 – Experience sharing on innovation by the teachers and students.

20th December , 2014 – Screening of films produced by Vigyan Prasar

22nd December , 2014 – Origami and poster competition was held followed by culmination function.

An Inter-action with Justice Shri N. Santosh Hegde

On an invitation from the Shri HL Suresh, Justice Shri N Santosh Hegde visited the school and addressed the students of Senior Classes. The topic for the day was " Falling social values in Society". The talk was followed by a volley of questions by the students. Justice Hegde gave a patient hearing to all and the students were more than satisfied with the answers. The Management felicitated Justice Hegde with a memento.

State level Science Exhibition,2014 - December, 2014

Once again the science department and its meritorios students outshined and lived upto the reputation of Poorna Prajna Public School by reaching the State level Science Exhibition, 2014 .The two shining stars Kinchit Aggarwal & Sandeep Sahoo made a Hydraulic arm which was not only innovative but also intellectually stimulate which missed the bull's eye by only a whiskers.

Painting Exhibition on " Child Labour- Bachpan Lost"

New Delhi,6th December, 2014:-The Community Reach Program team and Art Faculty of Poorna PrajnaPublic School , Vasant Kunj , organized a Painting Exhibition on ChildLabour – Bachpan Lost at M.F Husain Art Gallery, Jamia Millia IslamiaUniversity. The Chief Guest Padma Bhushan Shri Jatin Das and Guestof Honour Padmashree Shri Ram Sutar with the School Chairman ShriH.L Suresh and Management Committee Members inspired thestudents with their presence and appreciated the efforts of the schoolin sensitizing the students of the malice prevalent in the modernsociety. The Principal, Shri Sandeep Dahiya proposed the vote ofthanks. The Painting Exhibition featuring the works of young studentswas the culmination of a project on Child Labour , initiated and co-ordinated by Vice Principal Ms. Anju Singh , Head Mistress Ms.Archana Bhatnagar , Art faculty Ms. Tatini , Ms. Eishmeet and guestfaculty Sita Aiyyar to fulfil responsibilities towards society. Theyoung budding artists were awarded cash prizes as token ofappreciation of their works. A mime on the theme - Bachpan lost ,presented by the students was the highlight of the event . The mimewas choreographed and prepared by Ms. Jayshree, Ms. Jyoti and Mr.Balaram . The Art gallery came alive by the brilliant work of all theteachers. The Exhibition was visited by various Schools, Art faculties ,Parents , NGOs , Guests and Dignitaries.