The Hindustan times -PACE teacher's meet 2019

The Hindustan times -PACE teacher's meet 2019 was organised on 28th march'19 wherein eminent personalities like "Sister Shivani" and "Shehnaz Hussain" were invited and honoured. Sister Shivani motivated teachers with her rational thoughts whereas Shehnaz hussain spoke about women empowerment and how women should stand on their own feet. It was a fun filled event where teachers tried their luck at lottery followed by lunch organised by the staff. Altogether it was a wonderful experience.

कविता वाचन कक्षा

पूर्ण प्रज्ञा पब्लिक स्कूल में कक्षा आठवीं में अन्तरीय कविता वाचन प्रतियोगिता का आयोजन किया गया था। जिसका प्रथम चरण कक्षा में सभी विद्यर्थियों से कविता सुन कर पूरा किया गया।और दूसरा चरण समगोष्ठी कक्ष में किया गया। चुने गए प्रतियोगियों ने सस्वर कविता वाचन किया।जिसमें भविका पंत ने प्रथम और मनस्वी रावत ने द्वितीय स्थान प्राप्त किया

Pariksha pe charcha

Awareness talk on exam & study skills

The Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, Fortis Vasant Kunj organized a workshop for 6th and 7th class students in our school premises on 19th Dec 2018. The resource person Ms. Tanushree addresses the students. The study and exam skills module focused on effective planning and organisation, tips and techniques for effective studying and coping strategies to deal with exam anxiety.
Some of the key topics discussed were how to plan study schedules effectively, how to stop procrastination, reading tips, and self-evaluation.
This interactive workshop will help the students, how to de-stress from exam-related anxiety, thereby improving performance.

A Math workshop on various Math concepts

A math workshop on various Math concepts was held at school premises on 01stDecember-2018 For Maths Teachers. The workshop was organized by Math Department NIIT. The resource person Mr Pradeep Dhuliya shared various interesting methods of teaching mathematics.The workshop gave a chance to teachers to work on their precision and redesign various math activities as Maths activities together can be a great fun.

Workshop of Maths by NIIT Publications

IT Workshop

An IT workshop was held at school premises on 1st December, 2018 for computer teachers. The workshop was organised by IT department NIIT. The resource person Amit Singh (expert of IT at NIIT) shared various ways to make computer teaching effective both in Theory classes and Practical Classes. It was good learning experience for the IT teachers.

An Incredible Talk on Incredible Indian Heritage and Glory

Poorna Prajna Public School, New Delhi believes Seminars, Interaction Session and Talk Shows are must for students’ holistic growth. To give students a hands on experience and to inspire learners to be worthy human beings, the school invited Dr. C.V. Gopinath for a Talk on the topic “India – Our Esteem , Our Glory” . Dr. C. V. Gopinath is an expert in Engineering and Management with Graduate degree in Telecommunication Engineering, MBA with specialization in HRD. He served the nation as Sr. DDG and Ex- officio Additional Secretary to the Government of India, under ministry of communication. He represented India CCITT meetings at International Telecommunication Union (U .N Organization). Apart from he expertise in Engineering and Management, he is prolific as a true Ambassador of Ancient Vedic Culture, a Guru, a Vedic Teacher to children and elders alike, a dedicated social worker, a linguist, a heritage documentary filmmaker blended with deep roots in tradition yet one who easily brushes with modernity. He is a proud recipient of more than fifteen awards like Globalman Award, UAE and FOSAAC Award, California, to name a few.
After a welcome with the bouquet presented by School Vice Principal, Ms AnjuSingh ;Dr C.V Gopinath addressed the young scholars and highlighted a great legacy Indian Culture and Civilization that we are bequested with. It was really an enlightening Session and Prajnites got acquainted with significance of number ‘108’ in ‘GayatriJaap’ and how it scientifically exhibits distance between the Earth and the Moon divided by diameter of the moon. How Indian calendar months actually symbolic of ‘Purnima and Nakshatras’ name symbolize various Hindu Calender Months, Relevance of ‘ Ekadasi’ and ‘ Autophagy’ concepts. The Guest speaker was presented with “Ashtdhatu Krishna Idol” as thank you gesture by School Manager Shri. S.N. Shukla accompanied by School Principal, Shri Sandeep Dahiya. The event concluded with a vote of thanks presented by School Principal,Shri Sandeep Dahiya in which he expressed his heart felt gratitude to Dr. C.V. Gopinath on sharing the treasure of his vast knowledge with young scholars and igniting their minds with love and respect for their great nation, Bharat.
Reported by
Anita Dimri
PGT English

How to create the perfect learning environment in class

On 25th Aug’18 KPL learning associates conducted a workshop in the school for Pre- Primary and Primary teachers. All the pre – primary and primary teachers along with Headmistress ma’am were present for the workshop. The resource person for the workshop was Ms. Kawaljit Barara Senior Academic Coordinator KPL Learning. In the workshop the teachers were briefed on how the different domains of childhood like moral, social, aesthetic, cognitive and creative skills can be developed. The teachers were handed over different KPL kits and asked to work with them. The resource person explained that with each kit children would benefit in learning concepts of English, Hindi and Maths. The kits included Clip set, English / Hindi word builder, Number line, Abacus, Alphabet and Sentence kit, Geometrical shapes. The workshop was beneficial for teachers. All queries of the teachers were clarified by the resource person. The workshop concluded with an official vote of thanks. Another set of kits which includes Fraction kit, English Alphabet kit, Hindi Alphabet kit, Hindi Transparent Matra set and Sentence kit level – II was purchased by the school on 12th September 2018. The kits reached the school on 22nd September 2018. Teachers are using the learning kits with the students till date.Teachers shared their experience about using them with the children.They are finding it very useful in explaining the concepts of English, Hindi and Maths which has made learning fun for children. A very innovative and unique method to teach in class.

Buzzword workshop by Orient Blackswan

Ms. Ankita and Ms. Shreya attended the buzzword workshop by Orient Blackswan that was held on 30th November 2018, Friday at Park Inn by Radisson. The workshop taught interesting ways of teaching English by group method and activities. The publisher also had their official launch of a new series of English textbooks ‘Buzzword’. Ms Anita Bahadur, the presenter of the workshop, made it more interesting by organising games such as Bingo to make learning fun. The whole workshop was very enthusiastic and a fun learning experience for the teachers.

kpl Workshop

Visit To National Rail Museum : Grade I

On 12th October, 2018 the students of Grade I visited the National Rail Museum situated in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi which focuses on the rail heritage of India. Students enthusiastically boarded the bus and reached the venue excitedly. After buying the tickets the students took a round of the park and observed the different Engines and carriages on display. The trip was ended by enjoying the Mini Rail ride around the town which was the most looked forward moment of the trip. After that the children had light refreshment. Students returned back to school still discussing about the trip and shared with each other their observations.

Workshop by Macmillan

Ms. Devika Sharma andMs.SumitaChiller attended a Workshop on ‘Enrich your Learning skills’ for 21st Century English Language Learnerorganised by Macmillan Education on 28.11.18 at The Hans Hotel.The Workshop was conducted by Swati Rai, Freelance Business English Corporate Trainer at British Council English and Examinations Services Pvt Ltd.who highlighted effective reading techniques like collaborative reading and suggested various innovative ways like writing a grammar poem to integrate the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing for Communicative Language Teaching in class. The Workshop also featured in a book launch of the latest series of English Textbook ‘Enhanced English Ferry’ and ‘Grammar Way’ for classes I to VIII.

Workshop For Career In Merchant Navy

A workshop for students of classes XI and XII (Science stream), was organized in school in collaboration with Applied Research International on 20th July 2018 to apprise the students about a fruitful career in merchant navy. Resource Persons from ARI gave a presentation highlighting the various opportunities open to students, subject and mark requirements, physical eligibility and advantages of choosing these options. They also discussed the importance of characteristics like assertiveness and positive attitude in the growing years of students. The students participated in the discussion and raised various queries and received satisfying answers from the team.

Mother & Daughter Health & Hygiene Programme

Our school organized "Mother & Daughter Health & Hygiene Programme" for the girls' students of Class VI & VII and their mothers in association with Proctor & Gamble in the school premises on Tuesday, 24 th July, 2018. The programme comprised of three sessions:

1.Introduction & Interactive sessions (with bonding games between mother & daughter).
2. Mother's education session.
3. Girls' education session.

The aim of this mother-daughter interactive session was to orient everyone about the mental physical and social changes that take place on the onset of puberty. It is imperative to break many myths around this topic for complete awareness in order to lead a healthy life.

The audience was also made aware about the do's & don't to be followed like healthy eating habits, to avoid junk food, to do workout, to drink plenty of water etc. They enjoyed short informative film followed by an Interactive Question Answer session. Overall it was an informative programme.

Workshop For Math Teachers

PURPOSE: Enabling Mathematics Learning Through Activity and Technology
HELD ON: 28 JULY, 2018
TIMINGS: 8:00AM – 9:00 AM
VENUE: School Premises
ATTENDED BY: Math Teachers teaching classes I to X

The purpose of workshop was to reach out to students and teachers with a new paradigm of mathematics education, one driven by innovation, research, multi-dimensional methodology and the use of technology. Keeping this vision in view, a professional from NIIT math Guru gave presentation. The programme deliberated on various issues related to the integration of activity in mathematics instruction and provided participants with a hands-on experience in using activity tools for teaching mathematics.
Activities for students were appreciated by the teachers. Mrs.Priya Durga convened the event. The event was basically designed to bring mathematics teachers on a single platform and share the information on teaching strategies needed for effective learning process in mathematics.

Funfilled Workshop for Little Masters

A workshop by winkies cake brand was organized for children of classes I,II & III in the school auditorium on 30-07-2018. Winkies introduced the brand in a very innovative and fun filled manner. Winkies cartoon character was loved by children. All the children were given delicious cakes to eat. It was an exciting workshop. All the children enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Workshop on Course Development on Swayam Platform

On 19 th July 2018, Poorna Prajna public school teachers Mrs. Rashmi Bhat(PGT Chemistry) and Mrs.Noopur Aggarwa(TGT Science) attended workshop on Course Development on SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young Aspiring Minds) platform of MHRD , government of India. This was sponsored by National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) which held at Amity Institute of Education, Saket.

The workshop was an awareness building initiative about NIOS -SWAYAM platform of MHRD and designing of online courses. It was an educational endeavour for academicians to create awareness through dialogue and hands on experience by using latest ICT resources offered on SWAYAM portal from secondary school level to higher education level.

The chief guest of the programme Dr. C.B.Sharma, chairman NIOS in his inaugural address motivated the participants to use online courses on SWAYAM portal for their individual development and holistic development.

1. Development of courses on school education and higher education based on SWAYAM platform
2. NIOS- SWAYAM courses for teacher education
3. Virtual learning resources offered on SWAYAM platform

1. Guidelines for developing online courses for SWAYAM portal were discussed by Mr.S.K.Prasad (director NIOS).
2. Hands on training session on SWAYAM portal was conducted by a group of expert training officers from NIOS.

Workshop on 'Business Studies'

Venue:Air force Bal Bharti School, Lodhi Road, New Delhi
Date: 28th July, 2018
Resource persons:Ms Meenu Chando and Ms Asma Tyar

Today, the world of teaching has changed drastically, There are newer pedagogies and better technologies that help a teacher work towards making classes entertaining and creative.
Based on this theme "Commerce Teachers Foundation" Organised a workshop for Business studies teachers at Air force Bal Bharti Public School, Lodhi Road. Teachers from nearly 120 schools attended the workshop. The purpose of workshop was to train the teachers about how to take case studies and to teach tough topics in an easy way in the class.
Some difficult topics were explained by Ms Meenu Chando and Ms Asma Tyar in an elaborated way.
Mr Ram Ahuja stressed on"How to make teaching of Business Studies" a fun.
He used live examples from the surroundings to make the topics interesting.
The workshop was very interactive and useful. Teachers got important tips to teach the subject in an interesting way.

Workshop On 'Economics'

Topic:Current changes in syllabus
Date: 21st July 2018
Resource persons:Mr.Amit Arora

Work shop on Economics was conducted at Ambience public school , safdarjung enclave, New Delhi on 21st July. Teachers from nearly 80 schools were participated.The workshop mainly focused on the major changes in Economics curriculum. The changes were

1. introduction of Micro Economics in class 11th
2. Introduction of Indian economic development in class 12th.

There were talks on effective ways of teaching Economics and shortcuts to learn concepts easily. There was discussion on topic how to help students to make a good project.
The resource persons were
Mr.Amit Arora, Mr,Kunal Dua, and T.R.Rustagi.

The session was quite interesting , interactive and informative.

Workshop On Explorations in Physics

Title of Workshop : Explorations in Physics
Date : 17 th July, 2018
Venue : Birla Vidya Niketan ,Push Vihar IV,New Delhi.
Resource Persons : Dr H .C. Verma,Renowed exprofessor iit Kanpur.

Highlights Of The Workshop
a. The workshop was approached as :

1) one big group during the inaugural opening ceremony
2) Case study of Mechanics and practical approach of Electrostatics and magnetism.
3) A session with students about 'Basic understanding of concepts in Physica'..
4) An Exclusive session with teachers 'Talk on thinking out of the box'.
5) closing program.

b. Objectives of the Workshop:

1) Understanding of Physics concepts and acquisition of practical implementation skills.
2) Provide knowledge and skills to implement and manage different concepts & theories related to Physics.

Overall Remarks
This development workshop organized by BVN-IAPT Anveshika did their best to deliver the workshop objectives and meet the expectations of the participants. Explorations in Physics workshop program on Mechanics and practical approach of Electrostatics and magnetism broadly covered following topics in Physics : Real life examples to explain Mechanics, Electrostatics and magnetism. From our school four students participated of Class XI A with teacher in charge Mrs. Sunita Tokas.

FEEDBACK: It was a good opportunity for our students and teacher to have interactive session with Dr. H.C.Verma. Overall it was a good learning experience.

Fortis Pro-Social Peer Moderator Programme - Workshop on Gender Sensitivity

Five students along with school counsellor attended 'The Pro-Social Peer Moderator Programme' on 13 July 2018.It is a unique platform for students to learn application based life-skills through the medium of interactive workshops. Under the aegis of Dr. Samir Parikh (Director), it is our endeavor to equip students with the life-skills required to navigate through the many social influences that come their way and support the adoption of healthy and adaptive behaviours. Conceptualised as a peer education initiative, participants of the workshop are trained to become Prosocial Peer Moderators for classmates and junior students, in their respective schools.

Highlights of the topics covered in Gender Sensitivity module:

1. Understanding gender ideologies
2. Thinking critically to challenge widely held stereotypes and assumptions
3. Establishing and respecting boundaries
4. Fostering positive attitudes and empathy towards others

Salient Feature:

1. Peer Moderators learn skills through activities, role plays and interactive discussions
2. Hands-on training to conduct workshops and activities for peers in school
3. One hour follow-up session by our experts within the school premises

Summer Internship Programme

Summer School Internship Program from 21st May to 26th May 2018 was conducted by Fortis, Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences at Fortis Vasant Kunj. The program was attended by class XII Psychology students from Poorna Prajna Public School. It comprised of academic classes, orienting students to clinical disorders, techniques of psychological interviewing along with an experiential learning on understanding the self. Students also submitted a project at the completion of the internship.

Class IX Orientation

"A parent is a teacher at home and a teacher is a parent in school and the child is the centre of our universe."
An orientation programme for the parents of Grade IX was organized on 5th May, 2018 in school. The aim was to familiarize the parents as 'partners in progress' with the curriculum, rules and regulations of the school, teaching methodologies and the co-scholastic activities.
The session started with a welcome note by Dr Sameena Ansari School counsellor. In her speech she laid stress on the holistic development of the child which is the main aim and objective of the school. The teachers gave an overview of various subjects like English, Math and Science, The respective teachers gave detailed information about the learning parameters and stressed upon the innovative teaching and learning methodologies followed in school.
The session was concluded by Ms. Anju Singh (Vice-Principal), who readily answered the questions of the parents. Today's children must be given the chance to develop their creativity to the fullest. The orientation programme ended on a good note with an aim of growing our children into happy, skillful and creatively well- adjusted citizens.

Workshop On 'Physics through kitchen vessels'

Organized by: BVN-IAPT Anreshika
Date: 28.04.2018
Venue: Birla Vidya Nitetan, Pushpvihar-IV.
Attended by : Ms. Sunita Tokas.
Key speakers : 1. Ms Smita maa'm
2. Ms Pragya Nopany

Takeaways from the workshop:
1. Discussion on effective solution for the teaching of physics in the classroom by using kitchen vessels.
2. Newer ideas to be implemented by keeping effective teaching of physics with low cost experiments set up.
3. Discussion of hand on experiment methods for teaching- learning process.

It was an enriching and rewarding experience for the teachers.

Nursery Orientation

An Orientation for parents of students admitted in Nursery was organised on 2nd April, 2018. As customary, the event was to welcome and familiarize parents with the ethos of our School and the spirit behind our methodology. Session was started with meditation.
Thereafter there was a talk by the school counsellor, Dr Sameena Ansari, on getting familiar to the formal mode of school education and introduction of pre-primary teachers. Session was concluded by Headmistress, that parents play a vital role in the educational system and they need to fully co-operate with the school, honour its rules and procedures so that the teachers can work together with them for the full flowering and optimum development of their wards.