The completion of twenty-five years is indeed a major milestone in the life of an educational institution. Poorna Prajna Public School, since its foundation in 1987, has earned very considerable appreciation for providing value-based education and for imparting the ideals of academic excellence, sense of discipline and high moral and ethical values, leading to the development of an integrated personalities.

The motto of the school "Amritantu Vidya" is reflected in its faith that education is truth of life and it result in awakening of individual potential to creative knowledge inculcating in them the desire to excel in various spheres. It is extremely noteworthy that the institution considers it to be 'its duty to nurture its students as sensitive people with strong values, who will leverage their individual achievements to strengthen the fabric of the community, the nation and the planet'.

Brief Profile

A dynamic, progressive co-educational English medium senior secondary school recognized by the Directorate of Education, Delhi, and affiliated to the CBSE

• A vibrant student community of 1700 comprises its growing strength

• A lively modern campus with lush greenery spread over 4.25 acres.

• Excellent facilities on the campus include a well-stocked computerized library, computer labs, science labs, and well defined spaces for fine arts, music, dance and other activities.

• All the Classrooms are Information and Communication Technology enabled , having Interactive / Finger touch Boards.

• Sports Complex has facilities for football, Volleyball, Table Tennis , Badminton , Judo Yoga and Indoor games

• A state of Art H.H.Vibhudesha Terrtha Swamiji Seminar Hall.

• A safe school transport system provides quick accessibility to most parts of Delhi.

• 4-bed Medical Centre, Qualified Nurse in attendance

• The School has Diesel Generator to provide 100% back-up on electricity and water.

• A dynamic and comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for life, in accordance with global standards and societal expectations. CCE (continuous and cumulative evaluation) has been adopted in all classes from IV to X

• A dedicated and experienced teaching faculty of Poorna Prajna Public school , Vasant Kunj shapes its special character. Each faculty member is both a teacher and a scholar, an expert in his or her own field. The faculty consists of 83 highly qualified teachers, who have extensive teaching experience in their respective fields.

• Each staff member also imbibes the Poorna Prajna culture and ethos, which is the thread that binds the entire teaching fraternity of the AMEC. This academic community not only imparts instruction through the regular teaching periods, it also engages students in a variety of other ways, whether it is to conduct the morning assembly, bring out school publications, arrange and participate in cultural shows.

• All teachers are also involved in some school activity, as House Wardens, Class Reps, the Environment Council, Editorial Board, Cultural Department or Sports, to name a few. In fact, all teachers are professional mentors that shape students' lives and careers.

• School has individual libraries for the Pre-Primary and senior classes. The total number of books for both the libraries is a whopping 3,000 with the number increasing with each passing day. Since the school aims at making learning a fun process, there is an assortment of books and magazines available on general topics and separate sections for hobby-related books, books on travel, animal care, short stories, drama, poetry, astrology and other topics.

• The campus has 2 computer laboratories – Junior and Senior , with advanced infrastructure in terms of LAN , Internet , hardware and software to cater to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum.

• Once students are tuned to the General Science Labs, and proceed to the Senior Classes, the specialized Biology, Chemistry and Physics labs do the same function, but, in much greater depth, since they are also designed to take care of the needs of the students for the Board Exams. Experiments in these labs are explained to and done by the students, with care given to intricate details of each of them, so that once imbibed, the details remain in the young minds for future times.

• The school is a trendsetter in providing best education through latest educational aids and activities which give them an impetus to explore, learn and achieve.