Nursery & Prep :

No Formal assessment.

The children are assessed on the basis of day to day observation, through general discussion and worksheets. A checklist is also prepared at the end of each term to verify the child's conceptual understanding.

Classes I, II ,III :

The evaluation is done comprehensively and continuously throughout the year. Four sets of Assessments are conducted in the month of July, Sepyember , December and January .

The grading system is an overall assessment of a child's performance in class which includes the written as well as oral skills.

Evaluation is done on the following grades –
A* - Excellent
A – Very Good
B – Good
C- Average

Classes IV – X :

The objective of assessment is to monitor a child's level of development without comparing it with others. Through continuous evaluation, a comprehensive profile of his / her performance is assimilated and conveyed to the parents at least twice a year.

The assessment is recorded in the form of 'Grade' instead of 'percentage' to eliminate the negative factor inherent in ranking system.

The academic session shall be divided into 2 terms - I Term and II Term

- Each Term will have 2 Formative Assessments ( FA) and 1 Summative Assessment(SA).
- Formative Assessment comprises of Cycle Test and Activity based on projects, quizzes, role playing , group discussions, debate etc.
- The total weightage assigned to four formatives (FA1, FA2, FA3,FA4) is 40%
- The Summative Assessments are held in September and February/March.
- The total weightage assigned to two Summatives ( SA1 and SA2) is 60%

- Evaluation will be done on a 9 point scale as given below:

Marks Range Grades
91-100 A1
81-90 A2
71-80 B1
61-70 B2
51-60 C1
41-50 C2
31-40 D
21-30 E1
00-20 E2
Classes XI & XII :

Class XI :

Each academic session has -
- Three rounds of Cycle Tests which are conducted through the year.
- Two Terminal Examinations.- I Term Examination will be conducted in Septemebr and Final Examination will be conducted in February/ March

Class XII :

Each academic session has –
- Two rounds of Cycle Tests.
- Two Terminal Examination conducted in the month of September and December
- One Pre-Board Examination conducted in the month of January<
- AISSCE External Examination conducted by CBSE in March.