As per the CBSE scheme of studies , each student is required to opt for one compulsory language at the core level along with four electives. The School offers these subjects under three streams – Science, Commerce and Humanities. The details are as follows –

Compulsory subjects for all
- English
- General Studies
- Work Experience
- Physical and Health Education

Science Sream Elective Subjects –
- Physics
- Chemistry
- Maths / Biology
- Computer Science/ Physical Education

Commerce Stream Elective Subjects –
- Accountancy
- Business Studies
- Economics
- Maths/Informatics Practices/Physical Education

Humanities Stream Elective Subjects –
- History
- Political Science
- Hindi
- Pscyhology
- Informatics Practices / Physical Education

Counseling –
For the emotional and mental well being of every human beings counseling by a trained professional could serve as an appropriate help. The counseling foster life skills like decision making , communication skills , interpersonal relationships etc. The school has counselor for students to solve various problems faced by students and also to prevent high risk behaviours.