As per HRD Ministry guidelines ,students from 1st to 5th of Poorna Prajna Public School [Delhi] took active part in celebrating the CONSTITUTION DAY OF INDIA on 26th November 2016.

The actives were informative and interactive in nature, the students were very eager to participate in this event. With the the help of teachers the students prepared and presented speeches on Constitution Of India and Dr. B.R Ambedkar in both Hindi and English. This showcased their knowledge and was informative for other students.

Students also took part in reading out The Preamble Of INDIA.

As a fun and interactive activity teachers also organized a drawing activity in which students happily drew and coloured sketches of Dr.B.R Ambedkar.

From all these activities Students gained the invaluable knowledge and importance of Constitution Of INDIA and Dr. B.R Ambedkar's valuable contribution to it.