Hindi Poem Competition

दिनाक एक मई २०१७ , को प्राथमिक स्तर पर कक्षा प्रथम से लेकर पांचवी तक सभी कक्षाओ में कविता वाचन गतिविधि संपन्न हुई I इसके अंतर्गत सभी स्तरों पर वाचन किया गया | छात्रों ने इस गतिविधि को उत्साह पूर्वक किया |


G.K week was held in the school from 17 April to 28 April 2017 for classes 1 to V. It was started with grand opening ceremony followed by different activities like flag making, poster making, crossword puzzle, making sport brochure and enactment which lasted for a week. Students were shown informational videos in the class. G.K quiz was also conducted wherein the students participated enthusiastically.
b The week ended nicely with closing ceremony. It was a complete success with the involvement & support of students, G.K teachers & under the guidance of Headmistress ma'am.

Hindi Handwriting Competition

Hindi Handwriting Competition of classes I to V was held on 26 th April, 2017. All the students participated in this competition with competitive spirit, the students wrote in good handwriting. This competition helps to inculcate the habit of neat handwriting which is very important for their academic performance.

Swamiji's Visit to School

Swamiji's visited Physics Lab for display of Class XII working model of Physics on 7th April,2017.

Proud Moment

Got first position in national level of science exhibition 2016-17 conducted by cbse under the sub theme transport and communication

S.ST Week

S.ST week was held from 1-2- 2017 to 7-2- 2017 for classes 4 & 5. Students got right dose of fun and education during this week. Pen- paper work was done by the students after showing them inspirational video 'India and its culture'.

As part of S.ST week children were taken for excursion to the Humayun Tomb where they enhanced their knowledge about Mughal Kings and about the monument. A questionnaire was given to the children to check their awareness. The S.ST week commemorated with the Lok Sabha held in the auditorium.It was a wonderful experience for all of them. They depicted themselves as council of ministers and opposition leaders.Children prepared well for the parliament session. Ms. Veena Salaria and Ms. Mamta were the chief guest.Headmistress ma'am appreciated the effort of the students and the teachers.

Educational excursion....class VII

On 10 february 2017 students of class 7 has gone to picnic at 'Humayun Tomb'New Delhi.This was a educational trip for students about Mughal Architectur.It was an amalgam of Islamic, Persian,Turkis and Indian architectur.

Sports Day- GRAND PRIX 2016

Poorna Prajna Public School,Vasant Kunj recently celebrated its Annual Sports Day on 24 Dec'2016 .A great enthusiasm was observed among the students as well as their parents. Honorable Shri Amit Chaudhary , Mr.India (Bodybuilding) graced the occasion with his presence. Respected Chairman Sir Shri H.L Suresh and Manager Sir Shri Rattan Singh of the school managing committee were also present as the guest of honour alongwith Principal Mr.Sandeep Dahiya ,Vice-Principal Mrs.Anju Singh and Head Mistress Mrs.Priya C Durga.

The event began with the Floral Tribute to The Founder Father of our school H.H. Sri Vibudhesha Teertha Swamiji followed by Welcome Song by the school choir. Respected Chairman Sir welcomed the Chief Guest and the esteemed gathering. Inauguration of Outdoor Gym and declaration of the Meet Open by the Chief Guest was in row.

The event witnessed of a wide variety of activities such as march past , drill ,races, act on Spirit Of India-Salam –India ,dance performances , ramp walk by the pre-primary students, participation of parents in fun activities like four corners(men) and musical chairs(women) .

The event culminated with distribution of medals to the students.
The school principal appreciated the efforts of the students and the teachers and the Headmistress extended vote of thanks for making the event a huge success followed by a "GRAND FINALE" wherein all the students gathered for a mega showcase.

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Open Day of Class VIII

Open Day for Class VIII was held on 26 th Dec, 2016 on the theme 'Celebrating Friendship''. All the students participated with great joy and enthusiasm. Variety of programmes was showcased by the students under the guidance of their teachers. The programme included foot tapping dances, skit on friendship, poem, group song & mimicry that left the audience mesmerized. Parents also participated actively in the games organized for them. The programme concluded with the vote of thanks given by Vice Principal Ma'am.

Open Day of Class VII

Open day of class 7 was held on 17 dec 2016 at 9.00am in school seminar hall.Topic of this day was fly with your on wings.There was hundred percent participation by the students.Main activities on this occasion was short play ,magic show,dances,speech in english and hindi on this topic.parents enjoyed to see their children 's act in many activities.

Open Day of Class VI

Class 6 of poorna prajna public school celebrated its "Open Day" revolving around an ambitious theme "UDAAN- touching the zenith". The event was organised on 27th December 2016 in school's seminar hall. All the students participated in the event enthusiastically.
The event commenced with a prayer sung my the choir group.
The event comprised of following events:-
a. Speech was presented on the much debated topic "success doesn't mean Money"
b. Reciting verse- 6th class' student recited a beautiful poem on being ambitious.
C. Tap on beat- our tiny feet danced gracefully in their traditional attire which depicted the importance of "Girl Education".
D. Choir ensemble- the young singers of our school came together to create a melodious environment.
E. Theatrical performance - children staged a short play through which they gave us a strong message "disability is not inability"
F. Step up - girl power was portrayed through steps and beats. They proved it that being ambitious is very much their cup of tea.
G. Riddle session - our students also conducted a riddle session which put parents' logical thinking at test.
H. Abstraction - the most interactive session forced our parents to think n evaluate their methods of bringing up their child. It gave everyone an insight of issues confronted by child and his parents.

Respected vice principal Mrs Anju Singh expressed her views and ideas about being successful and ambitious. "Open Day" of class 6 was wrapped up with beats and music followed by a vote of thanks by respected principal Mr. Sandip dhaiya.

Open Day of Class V

Open Day of Class 5 was conducted on 21 st December 2016. The theme was 'Mother and Daughter'. Value of mothers and daughters and the social evils against them were depicted in the dances, skits and poems presented by the students of Class 5. The program was well accepted and appreciated by the audience.

Open Day of Class IV - Festivals & Seasons

Class IV Open Day was organized on 7th December, 2016. Theme for the Open Day was 'Seasons and Festivals'. All the students participated with great enthusiasm. Dances, songs and poem related to the theme were presented very nicely by the students. It was enjoyed by all the Parents. The programme was followed by Manager Sir's and Principal Sir's speech. Vote of Thanks was given by Head Mistress Ma'am. It was a great success.

Open Day of Class III

Open day was organised for class 3 on 22nd December 2016. The theme for the open day was –' Vasudhaiva Kuttumbhakam ' meaning that the world is one which was truly representedby all the performances. The show began with a welcome Orissi dance followed by a Chinese dance , a German poem, aHindi poem, Spanish dance form – flamenco, an English song 'we are powerful' combined in the spirit of Vasudhaiva Kuttumbhakam wherein the students participated enthusiastically,witnessed a huge gathering and support from the parents. Principal, Mr. Sandeep Dahiya interacted with the parents about the welfare of the students. The show was a great success with the help of teachers and support of headmistress ma'am.

Open Day of Class II

Open day was organised for class 2 on 20thdecember 2016. The theme was 'A man who saw the future'. It was a tribute to our founder father of the school Shri HH VibhudeshaTeertha Swami ji.The show began with the lightening of the lamp by dignitaries followed by Ganeshavandana,Guruvandana,Dance on krishana Hare song,Classical dance on the song 'theem ta na re na re'. Studens enacted on the life's journey of our respected founder father wherein the students participated with a greazeal,witnessed a huge gathering and support from the parents.Principal, Mr.SandeepDahiyaineracted with the parents about the welfare of the students.Head mistress ma'am Mrs.PriyaDurga in her vote of thanks appreciated the efforts of the students and the teachers in making the event a great success.

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Open Day of Class I

Open day of class 1 was organized on 23rd December,2016.The theme was "what stories ,poems tell us". Many colorful programmes were performed by the students.One Hindi play and English play was beautifully performed by them.Students confidently recited two English and Hindi poems.They performed two mesmerizing dances.There was 100% participation of the students.Parents also actively participated in this and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Technoclan Week - Learn, share and grow with Technology

Technoclan week (23 Jan – 27 Jan, 2017) was conducted in school for classes I – V. Fill with color , Secret Code, Power point Presentation, Multimedia quiz and also Fashion show on Technology were some activities for students were organised under the supervision of MS. Anju Chugh and Ms. Tanuja Nanda. Chief Guest for Fashion show was Dr. Rajan Vohra (Director at DAMIRG, Gurugram). He encouraged students by giving books to the winners. Head Mistress Ms. Priya Chhabra Durga appreciated the efforts of students.
It was a good learning experience for all of us.

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On 25 th January, 2017, Poorna Prajna Public School has organised a Republic Day celebration to sensitize the students about the importance of the day. The event was organized by Shivaji house and various performances were conducted by the students to celebrate the day.
School Principal, Mr. Sandeep Dahiya, Vice Prinicipal, Mrs. Anju Singh and Headmistress, Mrs. Priya Durga unfurled the national flag which was followed by the National Anthem. Amandeep from IX-A delivered a speech on Republic Day telling about the importance of the day. Students from Middle Wing performed various things which included a Hindi poem which was recited by Pragati of VIII-C, 'Mere Desh Ki Dharti' song performed by Prateek and Swayam of Class VIII and a classical dance performed by Haifa and Leela of VIII standard. Students from Junior Wing performed a dance on song 'Vande Mataram'. All the performances were thoroughly enjoyed by the students as well as the staff members.
School principal, Mr. Sandeep Dahiya lauded efforts of students and house wardens and urged everyone to be responsible citizens and contribute to Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
House Head Prefect, Mehul Gupta proposed the Vote of Thanks.


Activity Northern Indian Science Fair
Date 18 th and 19 th Jan, 2017
Venue National Science Centre, New Delhi.
Details Participants for the event were invited to participate in Northern Indian Science fair as they have cleared regional level of science exhibition organized by CBSE. Students participated enthusiastically in the science fair. It was a good learning experience for the students.
Participants: 1 Mr. SANDEEP SAHOO (XI- SCI)
Guide Teacher: Ms. SUNITA TOKAS


Students are part and parcel of the society, thus it is their moral duty to understand the problems that lies in the society. To sensitize students of class X towards "Social Issues" various role plays were conducted in their classes. Students of all the three sections displayed their acting skills and touched upon various issues. The children engrossed everyone in their stories and acting skills while they addressed a wide range of issues –human trafficking, child labour, corruption, save the environment etc.
The first group presented the suffering of common man due to corruption in their skit. Another group presented their skits on Farmer's Suicides where they raised the issue of successive droughts that pushes the poor farmers to commit suicide. Play on women issues seem to be the most popular as students came up with different problems faced by the girls like stalking, disparity towards girl child in the family, dowry which were beautifully portrayed. While the other group of students also focussed on saving the environment .
The students gave enthralling performance and competed with each other using different props, righteous facial expression, body movement and gestures. It proved to be a good learning experience as it not only sensitize students towards social issues but it was also a method to discover and learn on these issues.
Report By: Mudita Srivastava

Serving for Humanity

We joined our hands with GOONJ to serve for the poor people. So to help them we organised a camp to donate warm clothes to them on 21st January,2017 in school premises.

Educational tour- Class 9

A trip down scientific memory lane at Jantar Mantar on 20th January by class 9th students .

Ramanujan Ganit Saptah

The primary wing observed a fun filled Ramanujan Ganit Saptah from 13 th Dec to 17 th Dec. On the first day , the HOF-Maths conducted various activities for the students of classes I to V. There were other activities like Sudoku, Rubik Cube, Snakes and Laddar, making a photo frame of any geometrical shape etc organised by the Maths Faculty-primary in their respective classrooms. The final rounds of Sudoku and Rubic Cube for classes IV and V were conducted in the auditorium in the presence of HM Ma'am. The students participated enthusiastically in all the activities. On the last day students of all the classes were shown videos on the life of great mathematician Ramanujan. This was an inspirational and a thought provoking experience for the students.

"A journey of thousand miles begins with the stepping stone"

Poorna Public School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi proudly hosted 3rd edition of 'Parampara Inter School Quiz Competition' in School in collaboration with Express minds edutainment (P) ltd. This mega quiz one its own kind is based on Indian culture, tradition and mythology paving ways for our coming generation to get acquainted with their scriptures and traditions. School witnessed overwhelming participation of 49 leading Schools from Delhi and NCR.

Quiz was conducted by renowed quiz master 'Mr Kunal Savarkar'. Retd. Major General Mr S.P. Sinha, Recipient of 'Vishishth seva medal, graced the occassion as chief guest. It was truly a learning experience for the gathering to hear from a Mr. S.P. Sinha who emphasized the importance of hardwork, discipline and values in life.

School Principal Sh. Sandeep Dhaiya welcomed contestants from all schools for their overwhelming participation and hoped that such competitions would promote Indian culture and traditions.
The program was further taken over by Mr Kunal Savarkar and his team. The zeal and enthusiasm among contestants could be felt when Mr. Kunal Savarkar begin with this game of mind, with a preliminary round.

It was a pen paper round which comprised of 20 questions. 6 teams shortlisted after this round for the finals were:-
1) Charlie Guha and Riva Mehta from Convent of Jesus and Mary as team (A)
2) Vachas Chaturvedi and Tanmay Goswami from Amity International School Saket as team (B).
3) Keshav Kumar and Vinamra Bajaj from Bal Bharti Public School Noida as team (C)
4) Anand Srinidhi and Joynath from Mount Carmel Dwarka as team (D)
5) Rishabh Bhatia and Pragya Yadav from Rukmani Devi Public School Pitampura, as team (E)
6) Kunal Dev Burman and Siddhant Kharbanda from New Era Public School as team (F).

Team (F) from New Era Public School was announced 2nd runner-up, Team (B) from Amity International School Saket bagged Ist runner up position and Team(D) from Mount Carmel Dwarka was declared winner of this competition.

All the participants receive certificate of participation. Winners were awarded a Trophy, participation certificate, a mug with School Memento and a cheque of Rs.2000/- , Rs. 3000/- and Rs. 5000/- to the second runner-up, first runner-up and the winning team respectively by School Chairman Sh. H.L.Suresh.

Mr. Sinha was felicitated by Chairman sir and School Principal Mr Sandeep Dahiya felicitated Quiz Master 'Mr. Kunal Savarkar'.

There were round of questionnaire for teachers also in which Mrs. Reena Chaudhary from DPS Ghaziabad Meerut , Mrs. A. Casius from Army Public School and Mr. Rajpal Yadav from DPS Noida sector 30 were adjudged winners. School Chairman Sh. H.L.Suresh applauded the efforts of staff members for organising such an informative session. He congratulated all the contestants.

Vice Principal Mrs. Anju Singh proposed vote of thanks, thanking all the participating schools for their cooperation and support and expected the same in future.

Thus Parampara quiz competition 2016 was a grand success, looking forward to many such sessions in the year to come.
Reported by
Mrs. Sindhu Kotla

Children's Day special

We are committed towards providing a wholesome learning atmosphere for our children. On 11th of November teachers of primary section organised dance, skits and song for the primary children. children from different sections of class 5 a side slopes in Sanskrit on Children Day with great enthusiasm

Achievement in Judo

Shourya pawar of class5 got 1st position in cbse judo championship held in Bhopal from 22nov. To 26 nov.2016

अंतर विद्यालय वाद- विवाद प्रतियोगिता - २०१६

स्थान - राम जस स्कूल , पुसा रोड, नई दिल्ली

दिनक - २१-११-२०१६

विषेय - प्राचार हैं तो व्यापार हैं वरना सब बेकार हैं

रामजस विद्यालय पुसा रोड की ओर से आयोजित वाद-विवाद प्रतियोगिता में पूर्ण प्रज्ञ पब्लिक स्कूल के छात्रों ने भी भाग लिया I इस प्रतियोगिता में दिल्ली के ५६ स्कूलों ने भाग लिया I हमारे विद्यालय से कक्षा ग्यारवी के नितीश रॉय तथा ईशान रैना ने भाग लिया I इस प्रतियोगिता में जानी मानी हस्तियों ने निर्णायक मंडल का कार्य भारसंभाला I श्री मति योगिता भाटिया मधुबन प्रकाशन में कार्य इत हैं I श्रीमती सैनी जी ने २००० से अधिक रचनाओ का संपादन किया हैं तथा श्रीमती संगीता उपाध्यय ने सरिता पत्र में कई लेखों से इस पत्र कारिता की शोभा बढ़ाई I नितीश तथा ईशान रैना ने पूरे जोश व् प्रतिस्पर्धा की भावना से अपने विचार व्यक्त किए I निर्णायक मंडल तथा उपस्थित छात्रों ने तालियों से उनके वाद विवाद की प्रशंसा की I


On 19th November 2016 , Students of class 3 and 5 has gone to picnic at Nehru planetarium,new Delhi. Children enjoyed the show based on planets and stars in auditorium. Children as well as teacher also showed interest in Nehru museum.

GK week

General knowledge week was held from 21 November to 25 November 2016 for classes I to V wherein a whole environment was created as such to share facts and information among the students.

Informative videos were shown to the students where they learnt about the universe, ways to recycle and reuse etc. Foreign currencies were shown to the students to make the learning a real time experience. G.K. quiz was also conducted wherein the students participated enthusiastically. Also students were encouraged to share their experience of reading amongst their classmates.

The week was a complete success with involvement and support of students , Gkteachers and under the guidance of Headmistress ma'am.

Science Week - Primary Wing

A plethora of activities were conducted during the science week held for classes 1 up to 5 from 15th to 19th November. The objective of the signs week was to foster. Scientific temperament and to create interest and curiosity among the students. Activities like quiz hands on experiments visit to the BioLab preparing come post bit etc were taken up all the teachers.Activities like quiz , hands on experiments , visit to the BioLab , preparing compost pit, etc were taken up. The teachers and students, under the guidance of the headmistress, participated enthusiastically and made the Science week a huge success.

Final Debate - Class IV & V

The final debate between classes IV and V was held on 21st November 2016. The topic was "Should uniforms be compulsory in school".The topic was well debated.The students were confident and put up their views convincingly.We were honoured to have Ms.Anuradha Manjumdar from TOI and Ms. Sita Ayyar as the judges.They encouraged and congratulated the students on there fine performance.

The event was presided over by a Headmistress Ms. Priya Durga Ma'am.

GK quiz competition of class 3

GK quiz competition of class 3 was held on 24.11.2016 in the Auditorium the school. Two students from each section who were selected after preliminary round participated in the competition. There were 4 rounds of question related to science, international personality, nature etc. After that, there was rapid round related to current affairs. A Commendable effort was made by all teams and teams C and team B bagged first and second position respectively. Children were able to enhance general knowledge, discipline, team spirit qualities with the help of this activity.

Headmistress Ma'am appreciated the effort of all the teams and congratulated the winner team.

Annual Prize Distribution

In order to celebrate hard work, dedication and success Poorna prajna Public school celebrated its Annual Prize Distribution ceremony on 11th November 2016. The ceremony is organised every year to appreciate and congratulate our achievers.Vice-Chairman Sh H.L Suresh graced us with his presence as the Chief Guest of the Ceremony. Sh M.S Hebbar(Member of the management committee) and Sh Rattan Singh(Manager) also marked their presence on this important occasion of the school. It started off by the prayer song sung by the school choir followed by a welcome speech by Mr. Sandip Dhaiya. He also walked the audience through a presentation showcasing the academic and co-curricular achievements of students in year 2015-16.The students of the Junior School showcased their prowess by chanting shlokas from Gita. School appreciated the importance of punctuality and rewarded the students with 100% attendance. After that the Subject-wise toppers of class X and XII were felicitated as they were given mementos. Stream toppers of Class XII were also felicitated with mementos and cash reward of Rs. 20,000. Felicitations were followed by inspirational speech by Sh H.L Suresh. The ceremony became melodious by a mind boggling and pulsating performance of the song "We shall overcome". The ceremony was wrapped up with a "Vote of thanks" given by Vice-Principal Mrs Anju Singh.

Rangoli competition

Students of class 5th participated in the Rangoli competition.
It was an enriching and learning experience for the students.
They were very excited and worked in a team. 5th D got the first prize
5th A -2nd prize
5th B- 3rd prize
5th C - consellation prize

Final Debate for the year 2016-17

"Words are of course the most powerful drug used by mankind." - By Rudyard Kipling
Final debate for the year 2016-17 (XI com. VersusXII sci.) was conducted on Poorna Prajna Public School Vasant Kunj on date 18/10/16 .Topic being debated for the day was "Good education is not privilege for all, but a monopoly of lucky few". In PPPS the ocassion was graced by Principal Sh Sandeep Dahiya and Vice Principal Mrs Anju Singh.
Judges for the day were Ex- Prajnites Ms Mrigya Kaushik-who is pursuing her Zoology Hon's from Venketeshwara college , D.U. and is a member of DU's debating society, Ms Ayushi Sharma who is pursuing her Masters in Psychology from D.U and is working with (A.R.I.), an IT company and school counsellor Mrs Sameena Ansari.
Enthusiastic debators had a heated debating session and XII science was declared winners. Judges were really awestruck to see the oratory skills of the debators. Winner team, best speakers and best interjecter were felicitated by the judges with trophies and certificates. Akashdeep Malik (XII sci.) and Meghna Sharma (XI com.) were adjudged best speakers from proposition and opposition team respectively.Mohit Pandey (XII Sc) was chosen best interjecter.
A glimpse of rigorous debating preliminary rounds held in the month of August 2016 , was presented through a ppt presentation.
Principal Sh Sandeep Dahiya applauded the dedicated efforts of debating society incharge Mrs Anita Dimri, Members, Teachers and Students and emphasized the importance of communication skills in present scenario. Vice Principal Mrs Anju Singh proposed vote of thanks and appreciated the growth of school debating society . She advised debators to have healthy discussions and critical arguments.
Thus the house was declared closed for the session 2016-17. We hope to see our enthusiastic debators transforming into outstanding orators in the years to come.

Diwali Celebration – Special Assembly

Class II – A conducted an assembly on 28 th October, 2016 on the topic 'Eco friendly Diwali'.
The children recited poems and danced in colorful costumes. A skit was enacted by the students to spread the message of celebrating a cracker free Diwali. The Principal Mr. Sandeep Dhaiya and Head Mistress Ma'am appreciated the efforts of the students whole heartedly.

Story Telling

On 27 th October , a storytelling workshop was organized by the "Hindustan Times".The workshop was conducted by Miss Bhawna ,a resource person from the Hindustan Times.This storytelling session was organized for the students of std. IV and V at the school auditorium.The students very much enjoyed "The Lion and the Mosquito" story told my Miss Bhawna.

Educational Excursion – Class IV

The school had organised an educational excursion for the students of class IV to 'National Science Centre' on 25 th October, 2016. All the students were very enthusiastic and showed great interest. They learnt many new things related to science from their excursion.

Scholar Badge Ceremony

Poorna Prajna Public School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi celebrated Scholar Badge ( Gold ) ceremony for students of classes IV to XI for the session 2015-16. Students were awarded scholar badges for their excellent performance in academics. Mr Rakesh Tripathi, Executive Editor, live India, graced the occasion.
The programme commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the honoured guests and chanting of shlokas. This was followed by invoking the blessings of the Almighty through a resonating, melodious musical presentation. Principal, Shri. Sandeep Dahiya, welcomed the gathering and motivated students to strive hard to score better and emphasized on hard work and punctuality. Parents of students were invited who witnessed their wards receiving the glorious Gold badge. It was indeed a day full of pride and honour for all teachers ,parents and students.The zeal and enthusiasm among students could be felt in the air.
Chief Guest Mr. Rakesh Tripathi acknowledged school for its efforts in imbibing value based education to students. He advised students to acquire excellent communication skills, and encouraged parents and students to spend quality time with each other.
Vice Principal, Mrs Anju Singh proposed vote of thanks. She thanked teachers and parents for their support in grooming students from budding talents to achievers. Scholar badge ceremony was a grand success.

Achievers of Our School

Directorate of Education (DOE) conducted various activities in which our students participated enthusiastically.
Our Class XII Science students (Shreya Suman and Neha Rai) cleared the zonal Science exhibition held on 09/09/16 under the guidance of Ms. Sunita Tokas.
Poster made by Gagan Mann and Neeraj of Class VIII C held on 06/09/16 under the guidance of Ms. Saroj Vyas was also selected at the Zonal level. Both the entries were forwarded for the participation at the central level.

Dussehra Celebration by Pre-Primary

Keeping the festive spirit alive, Dussehra was celebrated on 7th October 2016at School premises. Various activities including speeches on Dussehra, poems on Lord Rama glorified the occasion. To mark Lord Rama's victory over Ravana and to reinforce the message that good always triumphs over evil, the effigy of Ravana was burnt Headmistress Ms Priya C. Durga blessed the participants and students, while inspiring them to follow the path of truth.

Gandhi Jayanti – Special Assembly by Class II C

India's 3rd national festival, Gandhi Jayanti, is celebrated by the entire nation to commemorate the birth anniversary of the father of our nation-Mahatama Gandhi. Prajnites celebrated Bapu's birthday in school, on 30 th September, 2016, with great zeal, enthusiasm and patriotism.

The assembly began with a special tribute to Gandhi ji. Children shared anecdotes from Gandhiji's life, and various contributions made by Bapu to India's freedom struggle. The highlight of the assembly was Dandi March and how he heralded a new era for our country.

The pre-primary section highlighted the symbols associated with Gandhi ji.Students were dressed up as freedom fighters.

Crazy Glasses Activity class 5

Students of class 5 made glasses with paper and decorated it. It is a part of their regular art class.

Theme of Dussehra

Students of 2nd B hosted a special assembly on 4th October on the theme of dussehra. The assembly started with the thought of the day . A poem on dussehra was also recited. A short skit and dance was also presented by the students enacting story of Ramayana. It was well appreciated by our Head Mistress mam and the audience.

Janmashtami Festival

Janmashtami festival was celebrated with great fervor and pomp by the children of Pre-Primary at Poorna Prajna Public School.
Children came dressed in as Krishna, gwala, Radha and gopiyan. They wore peacock feather head-gears. The Pre-primary decorated Jhanki depicting Krishna Jhoola. A special assembly was conducted to mark the birth of the deity. Children celebrated the occasion by singing and dancing with great joy.
Aarti and bhajans were recited and songs related to Janmashtami were played while a puja was performed by the staff and the children. The fragrance of flowers, soothing aroma of burning camphor and jingle of the bells filled the air. Prasad was distributed among the children after the puja. The involvement of the children in the celebrations at such a tender age was worth applauding.

Grandparents Day

On 24 th September, 2016 our school celebrated Grandparents Day. It was a special day for all those who attended the programme and for us. It has been rightly said that grandparents are those with silver in their hair and gold in their hearts. Grandparents play an imperative role in the life of every child. The programme started with a prayer which was followed by a group song, play and dance.
Then the Principal, Mr Sandeep Dahiya said a few words where he appreciated each and every Grand parent who came and joined the programme with so much of love, even keeping aside their health problems.
Grandparents were very happy to witness this event and a few of them came forward and appreciated the programme through short verses and words. They participated in games and performed to a Hindi number with great enthusiasm. Primary I/C Ms. Priya C. Durga proposed vote of thanks, it was followed by tea and snacks.

The "Magic Show"

On 28th September'16 ,Our school invited a magician to surprise the students of the primary classes with a magic show. Mr.Mahesh , a resource person from the "Hindustan Times" conducted this magic show.He performed cool magic tricks.There were so many highlights but here are a few:Turning of a candle to flower,water getting vanished from the newspaper, appearing of two balls from one,feeling-touch magic,making out of an umbrella from the handkerchief.The show was very interesting .Everyone was really influenced by his art and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Special Assembly of Class II D

A special assembly was presented by the students of class II D on the topic Road Safety. Students participated with great enthusiasm. The assembly was started with nice thought of the day. Some safety rules were discussed by class students. They also recited a poem on Traffic signals. At the end, the Headmistress Ms. Priya Durga addressed the gathering and congratulated the team and the class teacher, Ms. Jyoti for their efforts.

Art Exhibition by Students of Class IX

Art exhibitions are the ultimate display for one artist or a collective group's creative work. So to foster the artist among the students Art Exhibition was held in School on 27th August, 2016 showing the drawings of students of class IX. Students work was appreciated by parents and teachers.

हिंदी सप्ताह - हिंदी सप्ताह गतिविधि (२०१६-१७)

दिनक २२.८.१६ से २६.८.१६ तक प्राथमिक स्तर पर सभी काक्षाओ में हिंदी सप्ताह मनाया गया I जिसके अन्तर्गत सभी हिंदी शिक्षिकाओ द्वारा विभिन्न गतिविधियों का चयन कर उन्हें क्रियाइन्वत किया गया जैसे:-
१. मेरा प्रिय फल
२. मेरा प्रिय खिलौना
३. स्वर माला भरो
४. सुलेख लेखन
५. चित्र लेखन
६. शब्द अंताक्षरी
७. विचार लेखन
८. आशु भाषण
९. कविता वाचन
१०. विज्ञापन निर्माण
उपरोक्त सभी गतिविधियों को रोचक ढंग से छात्रों के समक्ष प्रस्तुत किया गया I छात्रों ने भी पुराण उत्साह की साथ सभी गतिविधियों में भाग लेकर ऐसे सफल बनाया I

Elocution Competition

On 26th August, 2016 Elocution Competition was held for classes IV & V. it was the part of 'Azadi' week celebrated in the school. All the students gave the speech on the topic "Freedom Fighters". All the speeches were very interesting and all the students enjoy listening to it.


A special assembly was presented by the students of Class III-A on the occasion of Teacher's Day wherein students participated with great enthusiasm. The assembly started with a nice thought for the day. The Guru Mantra was presented by students. The students depicted the theme beautifully through a song " Guru ka Darza sabse ucha…"

They also recited a poem on teacher's day. Students took the pledge to obey and respect their teachers.At the end, the Headmistress Ms Priya Durga addressed the gathering and congratulated the team and the class teacher, Ms Roma for their efforts.

Independence Day - SALUTING THE SPIRIT OF INDIA . . .

Independence day was celebrated in our school on 12 th August, 2016 to mark the 70th year of freedom from the British rule. On this patriotic occasion children showcased a colourful spectacle of India's vision through their performance.

The programme started with flag hosting by our Principal Mr. Sandeep Dahiya, Vice Principal Ms. Anju Singh and Head Mistress Ms. Priya Durga. The programme began with a musical event by pre-primary and senior students (with the underline theme being saluting our motherland). Followed by a yoga event.

The participants spell bound the audience with their performance and also energised them with patriotic fervor.

Special Assembly – Class 3B

A special assembly was conducted by the students of class 3B on the occasion of Janamastmi wherein the class participated with great excitement and enthusiasm. The assembly started on a positive note with the thought of the day, the students recited a Sanskrit shlok followed by a poem 'gopal ke gaal'. The headmistress Ms. Priya Durga addressed the gathering and congratulated the team and the class teacher Ms. Aparna Raina for their efforts .

Special Assembly – Class 3C

The students of class 3C presented a special assembly on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan wherein the whole class participated with great excitement and enthusiasm. The assembly started on a positive note with the thought of the day. The students spoke about Raksha Bandhan and its importance.
The students also recited a poem in Hindi followed by an english poem.The whole environment was made delightful with the efforts of the students. The Headmistress Ms. Priya Durga addressed the gathering and congratulated the team and class teacher, Ms. Priyanka for their efforts.

Anuvrat Gayan Pratiyogita - 17th August, 2016

17th Anuvrat Gayan Pratiyogita held on 17th Aug 2017 at "Sadhna Kendra" chatterpur N. D. And our school participated in 4 categories..and we got the position in every category.
1.Junior Group singing - 2nd position.
2. Junior solo - 3rd position
3.Senior Group singing - 3rd position
4. Senior solo-3rd position

Special Assembly – Class III D - 15th August, 2016

A special assembly was conducted by the students of class III D on the occasion of Independence Day wherein the whole class participated with great excitement and enthusiasm. The assembly started on a positive note with the thought of the day. The students enacted as various freedom fighters and reminded us of the untold sacrifices of the freedom fighters.
The students also recited a patriotic poem in Hindi followed by a dance performance on the song, I love my India.The whole environment was made patriotic with the efforts of the students. The Headmistress Ms. Priya Durga addressed the gathering and congratulated the team and class teacher, Ms. Ankita for their efforts.

English Week – Role Play - 10th August, 2016

Role Play for Class IV & V was organised as a part of English week on 10 th August, 2016 in School Auditorium. Many students participated and performed very well. They all were happy as they enacted different roles with great enthusiasm. The teachers supported the children and praised them for their talent.

Investiture Ceremony - 10th August, 2016

“Leaders are not born but are made by their experiences in life”.
To inculcate the leadership qualities in students and to give them a feel of functioning of the administrative body, the Investiture Ceremony was held on 10-08- 2016 by Shivaji House in School Premises.
Poorva Sharma (XII-A) was selected as the Head Girl, Akashdeep Mallik (XII-A) was selected as the Head Boy, Shreya Debnath (XII-A) was selected as the Vice Head Girl, Lokesh Singh (XII-A) was selected as the Vice Head Boy.
Aneesh (V-B) was selected as the Junior Head Boy, Misty (V –C) was selected as the Junior Head Girl.
Mehul Gupta and Deepika from Shivaji House of class XI- A anchored the programme.
Mr. Sandeep Dahiya(Principal) and Mrs. Priya Durga (Headmistress) gave the badges as well as the shasheys to the Junior Prefectorial team and to the Primary House Incharges. While the Principal and the Vice Principal (Mrs. Anju Singh) gave the badges as well as the shasheys to the Senior Prefectorial team and to the House Wardens. The School Head Girl administrated the oath to the Prefectorial team . The Principal of the school congratulated the newly appointed School Prefectorial team. Head Boy, Akashdeep, proposed the vote of thanks .

Friendship Day Celebrations - 5th August, 2016

Friendship day is a day for celebrating friendship. With this note tiny tots celebrated this day and spent time with their friends and express love for them. Friendship day wrist bands were also exchanged. Children enjoyed a lot.

Special Assembly – Class IV A - 2nd August, 2016

Students of class IV A organized a special assembly. The topic was 'Our Mother Earth'. The whole class participated with lot of zeal and enthusiasm. The assembly commemorated with recitation of poem on 'My Mother Earth'. On both sides of the stage children depicted as fishes and animals. Few students spoke about the danger earth is facing due to pollution. The assembly culminated with one of the class IV A student Khanak , creating awareness among student to stop pollution, same forests and not to make rivers dirty. Students were appreciated by our Headmistress Ma'am for their efforts.

Founders Day Celebrations 2016

Poorna Prajna Public School, Vasant Kunj , celebrated its Founder's day with scientific spirit and great elation. To relive the vision of founder father His. Holiness Sri. Vibhudesha Teertha Swamiji , of inculcating scientific temperament among students , an exhibition of models related to Science and Computers was organized under the expert guidance of Science and Computer teachers. The students presented their models with great enthusiasm and highlight of the Exhibition was a model representing, saving electricity and use of mechanical energy of the vehicles to lit street lights . Also there was a drone model showing the working of GPS which was highly appreciated by all.

The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mr. Mukesh Kumar , Head of Department ( Computer Science), DPS, R.K.Puram. The brilliant session on 'Realisation of Transition' , presented by the Chief Guest motivated and inspired students to have a passion for their subject and move ahead with confidence.

The programme commenced with Lamp lighting ceremony followed by floral tribute to the Founder Father. The Principal , Shri Sandeep Dahiya gave welcome address and the School choir presented a mesmerizing devotional song. The Chief Guest was felicitated with a memento and School Newsletter was released which highlighted an array of activities held in the school in various departments. The event was graced by Vice – Chairman, Shri. H.L Suresh and vote of thanks was proposed by Vice Principal Ms. Anju Singh.

Talent Show - Class II - 28th July, 2016

With much enthusiasm and energy, A Talent show was organized on 28 th July, 2016 in the School Auditorium for Class II students. The participants showcase their unique talent and surprised the audience. Every participant did their best to entertain the crowd. HM Ma'am Ms. Priya Durga and Vice Principal Ma'am Ms. Anju Singh appreciated the courage and talent of the students.

Talent Show - Class IV - 28th July, 2016

Talent hunt show for class IV was successfully conducted on 28 th July, 2016. The school provided a platform for the students to show what all they have learnt during Summer Vacations. All the students participated with great enthusiasm. The students showed their talents in dance, songs, paintings and playing Casio. It was a great success!

Talent Show - Class V - 27th July, 2016

Talent show was organized by class V in the school auditorium on Wednesday. The students showed their talents in different fields like dance, music, art etc. They all performed very well. Position holders will receive a prize for their talents. All the teachers and students of Class V including HM Ma'am enjoyed the show a lot.

Talent Show - Class I - 29th July, 2016

A talent hunt show was organized on Friday i.e. 29 th july 2016.Many students participated in this in different categories like dancing, singing, poetry, storytelling and painting. They performed outstandingly. It was appreciated by the Headmistress Ma'am and she encouraged them to participate more in different events.

Special Assembly – Class IV B - 26th July, 2016

Students of Class IV B hosted a special assembly on 26 th July, 2016 and the topic was "Good Manners" . The assembly started with the thought of the day followed by telling good manners like respecting elders, cleanliness, sincerity in work, speaking truth etc., as they play an important role to become good human beings. A poem on good manners was also recited by some students. All the students participated in the assembly and it was well appreciated by our Headmistress M'aam.

Special Assembly – Class IV C - 19th July, 2016

Class 4 C presented morning assembly on the topic 'Junk Food and it's ILL effects ' on 19th July,2016. It started with an English poem followed by an article in English, a Hindi poem and a short skit showing what all problems we can face if we eat junk food regularly. The assembly ended with a pledge saying ' No to Junk Food'. The headmistress told the children not to eat junk food and also told them about a boy named Arya, of Indonesia who has become world's fattest child weighing 192 kgs because of eating junk food. A movie based on his life will be shown to the students very soon.

Special Assembly – Class IV D - 11th July, 2016

A special class assembly for class IV- D was conducted on 11th July, 2016. The topic for the assembly was ' The Rainy Season'. The whole class participated with great enthusiasm. Students narrated English and Hindi poem which was followed by a speech and a song on rainy season.

Vana Mahotsava - 5th July, 2016

Class 5A conducted its assembly on the topic Vanmahotsav on 5 July. The significance of Vanmahotsav was explained to all the assembled. Tree saplings were also planted by the Headmistress, Mrs Priya Durga who was accompanied by the students and teachers.

Pool Party - 10th May, 2016

A pool party was organised for tiny tots of Pre Primary. The students attired in swimming suits enjoyed dancing and beat the heat with cool splashes in pool.

Intra Class Solo Dance Competition - 10th May, 2016

Under the guidance of their Class Teachers, Class VI put on dancing shoes and participated in a Solo Dance Competition on 10 th May, 2016. Graceful and languor movements enhanced the beauty of the dances and transported the audience to an altogether different world.

Hands on learning - Lemonade Making Activity - 6 th May, 2016

Pre Primary students enjoyed to make Lemonade on 2 nd May, 2016 and enjoyed self made Lemonade drinks. Valuable lessons on homemade drinks with natural substances were learnt by this activity.

Mother's Day Celebrations - 4th May 2016

As a gesture of helping mothers and making mothers happy, tiny tots of Pre Primary celebrated Mother's Day and gifted 'Mothers' Day' cards to their sweet moms. The leitmotif of the activity was to make mothers 'smile'.

Art & Craft Week - 2nd May to 6th May, 2016

Art and craft week was organised for Primary classes. The artifacts prepared by the students were showcased on PTM dated 7 th May, 2016. Teacher Incharge : Ms. Madhu Sharma & Ms. Richa Bhalla.

Workshop on Accountancy

On 29 th April 2016, Sultan Chand publishers organized a workshop on Accountancy at India Islamic Culture centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. Ms. Rachna Sharma (PGT Com) attended the workshop. The resource persons were Mr. S.S.Sehrawat (Head of Question paper committee, CBSE), Mr. T.S.Grewal and Mr. R.K. Khosla (renowned authors of accountancy books and faculty member of Northern India Regional Council of Institute of Company Secretaries of India, NIRC, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

Workshop began with open house discussion led with Mr. Sehrawat who gave expert views on design of the question paper and marking scheme.

Then Mr. Grewal made the teachers aware about the changes in the curriculum for the year 2016-17. After that Mr. Khosla enhanced the knowledge of teachers about the important terms and topics of Accountancy.

Workshop on Importance of C++

The seminar on "Importance of C++" held on 13 th April 2016 under the guidance of Mr. Deepak Gupta (PGT) has given a good result. The student are now more interested in the subject as they are connecting it to their day to day life. They have known that they can choose C++ as their career option. The seminar has proved beneficial for the students going for computer science engineering and further to move in software industry. Moreover, the students had interacted with faculty and discussed about various topics related to C++.

Orientation Programme – Class VI-VIII

The first step of the new session was taken through an "Orientation Programme". The Orientation programme was organised on 23rd April 2016.
The purpose of orientation was to

Establish a two way communication between parents and teachers.
Introduce the working of the school with respect to its evaluation process, co-curricular activities etc.
Spread awareness of the importance of "Swach Bharat Abhiyan". The awareness was spread with the help of a video.
Encourage the parents to work in partnership with teachers to ensure holistic development of the student.

The orientation programme reached its pinnacle when an interactive session was conducted with parents and their valuable feedback was procured. The whole event was summed up with the playing of school's song and a vote of thanks proposed by our teachers.

Save Water -- - Class V conducts Special Assembly

The students of Class V C conducted a special assembly on the Topic -- - Save Water. The assembly began with some thought provoking Thoughts on the importance of water in life and on ways in which water can be saved. Two students spoke on ," Water and its importance in life". Some useful tips were given on how we can save water. A group of students recited a poem on water.
The assembly proved to be both informative and enjoyable. The students were supervised by Ms Deepti Sansanwal Class Teacher VC.

Orientation class – IV

The orientation programme for class IV was held on 16th April, 2016. This was organized to enlighten the parents about the school rules & discipline, the new evaluation system of class iv according to CCE. PPT was shown highlighting the evaluation system term wise. Handouts were also given to the parents about the points they should keep in mind regarding the class discipline, uniform etc. the programme ended with a video show casing the importance of the role of parents, play in supporting a child's development and subsequently shaping his or her future.

Display of Physics Working Models

Display of Physics working models was organized on the occasion of his Holiness Shri Vishwa Priya Theertha Swamiji's visit to our school in the Physics Laboratory on 4th April, 2016.
H.H. Shri Vishwa Priya Theertha Swamiji was accompanied by Shri H.L. Suresh (Chairman Development Committee). Mr. Rattan Singh (School Manager) and Mr. Sandeep Dahiya (School Principal). All the displayed physics models were prepared and presented by the XII – Sci (2016-17) students under the guidance of School's Physics Faculty Mrs. Sunita Tokas, PGT Physics.
H.H. Shri Vishwa Priya Theertha Swamiji blessed the students and teacher for their efforts with their inspiring words. School Manager and Principal also appreciated and motivate for the efforts of students.

Orientation Programme for Class X 16 April, 2016

School had organized the orientation programme for class X parents to make them familiar with the academic session 2016-17. Class X coordinator Ms. Sindhu Kotla had convened the programme. The theme of orientation day was "Believe in yourself". Students had delivered speech on the above said topics in Hindi & English. CCE coordinators Ms. Mamta Gupta & Ms. Veena Salaria had explained the process of CCE conducting through PPT. Students had presented cultural programme. Vice Principal Ms. Anju Singh had given the vote of thanks. School Manager Shri Rattan Singh and Principal Mr. Sandeep Dahiya were also there to grace the occasion.

Quiz club (2016-17)

The quiz club conducted the preliminary round of quiz for the selection of students from Class-VIII on 16th April, 2016. The questions for the quiz were selected by the teachers on various subjects such as Science, Politics, Current Affairs, Sports, and Entertainment Industry etc. The participation of students was very encouraging.

Orientation Programme for Class I

Orientation program for class I was conducted on Saturday i.e.16th April ,2016.A presentation was shown to the parents which gave them the required details of class I.Various topics were deeply discussed with the parents.There was great enthusiasm among them for this program. They actively participated in this and appreciated it.

Orientation Programme for Nursery

The Orientation Programme for Nursery Class parents was conducted on Tuesday ,29 March. . Teachers received the Parents, who turned out in large numbers, warmly. A brief introduction was given about the history of the school from its inception and its glorious 27 years of existence. Handouts were given to Parents giving guidelines on how the school expects the parents to help the tiny tots. Parents put a volley of questions regarding books, uniform, tiffin to be brought by the children and about transport etc. The Teachers put to rest the anxiety of the parents whose little ones were just going to begin schooling.
The school gave small Welcome Gifts to the Parents and chocolates to the children.

Convention for School Counsellors - (24 February 2016)

Convention for School Counselors was organized by Institute of Counselor's Training Research and Consultancy (ICTRC) on 24th of Feb 2016 and was attended by Dr Sameena Ansari.
The topic of the day was "Making Inclusion Successful-Role of School Counsellor". The sessions were preceded by eminent speakers- Dr. V. S. Ravindran (Director ICTRC), Prof. R. K. Saraswat (NCERT), and Ms Goldy Malhotra (Director, Academic Staff College MRIS).
The session focused on that the counsellors have fundamental knowledge and skills that will enable them to spread awareness and also educate parents and teachers about inclusion.
The prominent duty of the counsellor is to guide a child to a goal in life and that is the ultimate solution to manage a child.

Report of the workshop
Computer Faculty spreading the message of Learn, Share and Grow - 5th March 2016

A workshop on Google Apps of Education was conducted by Ms. Anju Chugh & Mr. Deepak Gupta, Poorna Prajna Public School on 5th March, 2016 for teachers of Prince Public School, Mehrauli. The workshop was an apt platform for the resource persons to share their learning with their fellow teachers leading to their professional growth. The workshop commenced a promise of enthusiastic participation and unrestrained sharing of knowledge and resources.

The resource persons, Ms. Anju Chugh & Mr. Deepak Gupta thanked the participants for their overwhelming response to the workshop and expressed gratitude towards the Principal Mr. Sandeep Dahiya of our school for allowing them this opportunity of professional growth to serve their institution more effectively. They expressed their pride to be the first to carry Poorna Prajna flag to other institution through this workshop. The Principal of school expressed his desire for more such opportunities to learn and grow and be an even greater asset for their organization.

Staff Picnic – 27th March, 2016

Staff Picnic was organised for Qutab Minar , Delhi followed by a movie at PVR, Saket. The movie showcased that inner strength of a person is stronger than any other weapon. Teachers enjoyed the picnic. They were enthralled. It was a great fun and a memorable day for the staff.

Class III Fancy Dress.

Fancy Dress Competition was held on 4th and 5th Feb. 2016 wherein the students of class 3rd participated actively. They were dressed according to the theme given of them. Children showcased their talent and were well appreciated. Certificates were given to the winners.

Class -V Debate – Examinations must be abolished

Class-V English Debate was conducted in the School Auditorium on Monday, 15th February 2016. There were two teams speaking FOR the motion and AGAINST the motion. Each team comprised of 4 speakers one from each section of class-V. The speakers put forth their points of view vehemently. The speakers come out to be eloquent speakers and spoke with confidence. Riddhina Dimri of Class-V B was adjudged the best speaker.
The Class V D was declared the Best Speakers' Team.

Class VII Open Day

Class 7 of poorna prajna public school celebrated its "Open Day" on the much discussed topic "Harmful effects of constant use of Technology". The event was organised on 4th February 2016 in school's seminar hall. All the students participated in the event enthusiastically. The event commenced with a prayer and the welcome speech by respected principal sir Mr Sandip Dhaiya.
The event comprised of following events:-
a. Speech on pros and cons olf tenchnology - Students expressed their views confidently on uses of technology in Hindi and English
b. Power Point Presentation
c. Short play - Students also elegantly enacted a play which depicted how technology has modified our lives slowly and gradually.
d. Yoga - Later our students performed YOGA and showed us the necessity of limiting the usage of technology and the need to indulge in physical activity
E. Dance and music - The event concluded on a melodious note where our students shook their legs on bollywood tracks and sung melodious songs.
"Open Day" of class 7 was wrapped in an interactive way where respected vice principal ma'am Mrs. Anju Singh had an one to one conversation with our dear parents.

Class II Open Day

The students of class II held an Open Day on 11thFebruary 2016, Thursday in the school auditorium, to which the parents were invited. The theme was "Our friends on the Planet".The students unfurled the current health of our planet and the need to wake up, through a curtain raiser a musical drama- Awaken! Arise! The play was the highlight of the show and dwelled deep into the prevailing hazards around the globe. The students also recited a poem which spoke of the beauty that nature beholds .They students stole the hearts of the audience with an earth song and spread the message that together we can save the environment. The program became a huge success as the parentsparticipated in recreational games and shared their experience and views about the school and praised the efforts that Poorna Prajna as an institute puts in for a holistic development of each child.. The Principal lauded the efforts of the teachers Ms. Ankita, Ms. Roma, Mrs. Aparna, Mrs. Sumita for organizing the event and encouraged the students spirit to protect the planet.


GK quiz was organised on 10th february '16 where the students of class 4 participated with full zeal,where class 4 B won the competition .Different rounds were conducted wherein questions from current affairs and indian mythology were also included. the children thoroughly enjoyed the competition. it was a successful event under the supervision of the head mistress mrs. Archana bhatnagar. she even appreciated the winners with books and chocolates as a reward which encouraged the students.
Winners were from class 4B - there names are az follows:-
K aneesh, ipshita sahoo, vipul, nidhi verma N the 2nd position was secured by class 4D - shivansh, khushal, sneha and shaurya narayan...!!

Class IInd & IIIrd Picnic

Classes IInd & IIIrd went for a picnic on 25th January 2016 to "Delhi Eco Village and Adventure", an Ethnic Village and Farm Resorts in true rural surroundings in Alipur, Delhi. All the students and teachers enjoyed a lot. There were lots of adventure activities like Zip wire, River Crossing, Commando net, Rope Climbing, Rope Ladder, Balance Beam etc, which were done by all the students under the expert's guidance. Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks were served to the Students.

Bulls Eye- QUIZ On General Knowledge and Current Affairs 24-11-2015

Class VI : Interclass competition
Date: 24th November 2015
Venue: School Auditorium

An inter-class quiz competition was held on Tuesday, 24 November'15, among the finalists who were chosen from a preliminary round held in the classes few weeks ago.
The students participating were asked to be prepared for the quiz(prelims round) as the questions put up were from diversified areas, such as world-national affairs, polity, geography, art-literature, sports, festivals etc. The students participated with full enthusiasm and high spirits. They were prepared well and maintained the spirit of participation. The fellow students in the audience cheered on for their team and seemed keen to participate in such contests in the future. The quiz was organized by Ms. Bhattacharya and Ms. Noopur Mishra.

Class VI- A won participants:
1. Aditya Prasad
2. Harsh Jindal
3. Kaint
4. Saksham Joshi
br> Teacher Incharge:
1. Ms. Joyita Bhattacharya
2. Ms. Noopur Mishra

Workshop on Healthy Breakfast from Kellogg's

Workshop from Kellog's was organised on Wednesday, 2 Dec 2015 in our school premises for class VI students. The purpose was to make children aware of the importance of healthy and balance breakfast. As a sample chocos was distributed to classes III to VIII along with monthly diet calendar and a scholarship form. The session was highly enjoyed by the students.

Leadership Development Workshop

Leadership Development Workshop organized by HT on Wednesday, 2 Dec 2015 in our school premises for class XI students. It laid stress on Leadership styles, Building team, Creating & Communicating a vision as well as on Building a great school culture.
The session was very fruitful and informative. It was a great learning experience for all.

Workshop on Swine Flu (Stay protected Stay Healthy)

Cartoon Network in association with Fortis Vasant Kunj conducted a health talk in our school premises for VIII class students on Monday, November 30, 2015.The session was taken by a Physician, he made them aware what is swine flu and how to avoid and the precautionary measures.The session was very informative and students come out with lots of queries.

Mother & Daughter Health & Hygiene Program

The school organized " Mother & Daughter Health & Hygiene Program" for the girls' students of Class VI & VII and their mothers in association with Proctor & Gamble in the school premises on 27 Nov 2015.
The program comprised three sessions:
a) Introduction & Interactive sessions (with bonding games between mother & daughter).
b) Mother's education session.
c) Girls' education session.
The audience was also made aware about the dos & don't to be followed like healthy eating habits, to avoid junk food, to do workout, to drink plenty of water etc. They enjoyed short informative film followed by an Interactive Question Answer session. Overall it was an informative program.

Class assembly 2D

Assembly of class 2D was conducted successfully on 17th Nov, in which the students celeberated guru nanak jayanti.The students participated actively, enacting the scenes of how gurupurab is celeberated in our country.students also spoke about guru nanak dev's ideas and beliefs of indiscrimination and unity.

Poorna Prajna Public School Holds Scholar Badge Ceremony

Poorna Prajna Public School, Vasant Kunj held its Gold Scholar Badge Ceremony to felicitate the students from classes IV – XI, for Excellence in Academics for the session 2014-15 .
The occasion was graced by the School President , His Holiness Shri Vishwapriya Teertha Swamiji, Members of Udupi, Sri Admar Mutt Education Council, Shri H.L Suresh, Vice – Chairman Managing Committee, Manager Shri Rattan Singh, School Staff and Parents.
Many a dreams came true when the young achievers received Gold Badges and blessings from His Holiness Swamiji. It was a proud moment for the meritorious students who eagerly awaited this ceremony. The event began with an Invocation followed by a musical rendition . Rhythmic yoga performed by students of middle school left the audience spellbound. A mime presented by the students of class V also left the audience mesmerized by their high voltage act. It conveyed a message of how great souls can be harbingers of change in the society.
Lastly, His Holiness in his address motivated the students to keep working hard to prove their mettle in Scholastic and Co-Scholastic areas.The school Vice Chairman, Shri H. L Suresh congratulated all the high achievers ,their teachers and parents for the success. The hearts of the parents were filled with pride and honour as they saw their wards receive the coveted recognition.

Special assembly on Have a safe Diwali

Assembly of class II C was conducted on 3rd Nov. 2015. There was an active participation of the children where students recited poems in Hindi, gave a beautiful speech on Diwali and also gave safety measures to be taken on Diwali festival.

Intra class Hindi recitation competition

Intra class Hindi recitation competition of class 2nd was conducted on 6th November,2015. Four participants were selected from each section after conducting the class competition.Participants recited poems on different topics with confidence.All the poems inspired the audience to good deeds.A P.P.T relating to the poems was very interesting. The combined efforts of the teachers and the students resulted in a good presentation that was applauded by the Headmisterss and the judges Ms. Roma Ma'am and Mrs. Samta Ma'am.

Friday, 16 October,2015 --- Pre- Primary Hand Wash and Swachh Vidyalaya Activity

The students of the Primary section enjoyed a Hand Wash Presentation and Activity. The students were shown a Video s depicting the importance of washing hands and the correct way in which hands ought to be washed. There was also a viewing of the merits of keeping the surroundings clean. The activity ended with students singing a song on the importance of hygiene. Ms Gita Kalra and Ms Avantika organized the event and also presented it.

Class II B , Special Assembly-- Dussehra Celebrations

The students of Class II B had a gala time presenting the special assembly on Dussehra and the presentation was greatly appreciated by all. The students presented the Ramayana . The use of props was spell binding. Students delivered the dialogues with great confidence. There was also a talk on the significance of celebrating Dussehra. Students read out quotes on importance of being truthful. Ms Aparna , Class Teacher II A , made a good show of the presentation.
The students also enjoyed the burning of Ravana's effigy.

Workshop: - Motivation and Techniques

Macmillan Education organised a symposium for learners from academic background on Oct 9, 2015 on the topic ''Holistic Well being''.Dr Sameena Ansari and Ms Priya Durga represented the school,the first session was taken by Dr Jitendra Nagpal and he threw light on the importance of holistic development.
The second session was with Mr Anant Kasibathla an International Author and trainer of memory skills.He threw light on working of brain,how brain catches images, 3R's of brain ,Register,Retain and Recall are important for learning.VAP,visual,associative and pleasure are the three key points to boost human memory.Overall it was a very enriching experience for us.

Class-II A Special Assembly on Save water, 13 October, 2015

Little angels of II A presented a very knowledgeable and inspiring assembly on save water. The assembly started with a nice Thought for the day. The students depicted the theme beautifully through a skit- "Save water, save life." They also shared with the audience the different ways by which we can save the precious resource- "Water". At the end, students took the pledge to save every drop of water.

Class III Open day

The students of Class III held an Open Day to which the Parents were invited . The Theme was ''Our Culture and Heritage". The highlight of the day was a Walk by the students wherein they represented different states of India while a Video delved deep into the Culture and Heritage of the State. The confidence with which the students walked the ramp was remarkable. The Programme was interspersed with dances like Gidda and Dandia. The students stole the hearts of the audience with a depiction of Ramayana. The programme was well attended by the parents. Principal Sandeep Dahiya lauded the efforts of Ms Shreya, Ms Sarla, Ms Pooja and Ms Urmil for organizing the event.

Class 3 makes a presentation on APJ Abdul Kalam – 6 October,2015

Little pearls of 3D presented a very motivational and inspiring assembly today about Missile man of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.The assembly started with a very nice thought followed by a speech telling us about this great man who not only motivated youngsters to follow their dreams but also made the country proud by his great achievements.In the end students recited a poem on Dr Kalam.It was a very proud and motivational presentation by the students.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebrated by the Pre Primary and the Primary – 1 October,2015

The students of the Pre- Primary and the Primary Sections celebrated Gandhi Jayanti with great fervor and enthusiasm. Students performed dances and sang songs. A talk on Gandhiji emphasizedon the principles advocated by Gandhiji. A special tribute was also paid to the Former Prime Minister Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri whose birthday falls on the same day as Gandhiji's.

Class Assembly- 29th September, 2015

An assembly was conducted on 29th sept ,2015 by IIIC on the theme "Gandhi Jayanti".Some student recited a poem on "Pyare Bapu", some student said thoughts inspired by Gandhiji ,some sang a song dedicated to him and a "Dandi March"on the song "Bande me tha dam ,vandemataram"was done .They actively participated in it and shown their talent.


"The power to change yourself is the power to change the world around you" An intra class activity was conducted in the seminar hall, where the participants of each class-VI all sections took part and exhibited various insights from different aspects of life and history showing that all people have the ability to create his or her own person.The key idea which each group emphasized was that the environmental factors play a huge role in the creation of a person, but the mental predisposition is the primary cause for who we become.They successfully displayed the idea that it does not matter if individuals are surrounded by constant negativity and adversity, because they still have the choice to fall into conformity or stand up for themselves. The competition was well organized and was judged by Mrs. Romita and Mrs. Mamta.
The winners are:
Ist Position: VI D coordinated by Mr. Joyita Bhattacharya
IInd Position: VI C coordinated by Mrs. Kavita Sharma
IIIrd Position: VI A coordinated by Mrs. Jayalakshmi
The certificated were distributed to the winners, who were quite elated by the victory.


Understanding Mathematics with the help of puzzles and riddles was the motive behind this intra class activity-"Mathe-Magic". The activity was conducted for all the sections of class VII. There were six rounds of questions based on the conceptual knowledge of Arithmetic, Algebra, Number System and Geometry. The Quiz was prepared by Maths Teachers Ms. Ruchi, Ms. Ashita, Ms. Shakunt and Ms. Kanchi. Four students from each section formed a team. All the teams participated actively in the quiz.The highest scoring team was given the first position.
The winners were Team of class VII C – Pragati, Vishakha, Aman, KunalPatwa


This activity exposed the creative thinking skills of the students. It was conducted for all the students in their respective classrooms. The students were given the topics of which they had to write on any one. This activity kindled the creative thinking instincts, imaginative power and enhances writing skills. Children wrote a passage of about 120-150.Two students from each section and two students from the eight students were chosen as the prize winners. Indeed this activity instilled the students with immense pleasure and enthusiasm.The activity was coordinated by English teachers Ms. D.Jaylakshmi and Ms. Komal.
Over All Winners : I - GouriJhaII-PriyankaMehlawat


Quiz based on the conceptual knowledge of Maths was conducted for Class IX. The students participated with enthusiasm and showed their mathematical abilities by giving response to the questions quickly and promptly. Four students from each section were selected for the quiz.At the end of each round 10 marks were awarded for every correct answer and bonus 5 marks were awarded if question passed to other team. Students participated well. The quiz was prepared and conducted by Ms. Ashita and Ms. AnuTandon. The I Position was bagged by Class IX A which comprised of Shivamchugh, Prabal, Harsh Wats, Vaibhav.


An interclass quiz for class X was organized in seminar hall. There were three participants each from Xth A, Xth B, Xth C. The quiz was based on Multimedia and Information Technology.
There were basically three rounds in quiz. First one was brainstorming round, second was visual round and third was Rapid Fire round.Some questions were also asked from audience. The children had shown great enthusiasm during the quiz.The objective of quiz was to enhance and update the knowledge of children about Information Technology.The winner of quiz was Xth C.
which comprises of Raunaq, Utkarsh and SandeepSahoo.The quiz was prepared and coordinated by computer teachers Ms. Vibha, Mr. Deepak.

Founder's Day celebrations at Poorna Prajna Public School

Poorna Prajna Public School Vasant Kunj celebrated its Founder's Day by living the dream envisioned by the Founder President Late H.H. Shri. Vibhudesha Teertha Swamiji. The programme commenced with a floral tribute to the Founder Father followed by the lighting of Lamp. On this special day a short movie on "Prajnites Thesis – Science unbound" was made and presented by class XII students Arish , Kashish, Sahil, Shivika,Shubham and Shantanu. To inculcate a scientific temperament in students an Exhibition of Science models was also organized wherein students showcased their scientific bent of mind through various innovative Science models. The Chief Guest Mr. Manish Jain , Ex IITian and renowned Scientific Toy Maker appreciated the efforts of children and shared his belief that - If we can get our kids to tinker and explore more, we can really change the way things happen.
The occasion was graced by Development Committee
Chairman Shri H.L. Suresh who addressed the gathering and threw light on the importance and integration of Science in life, a dream of our Founder President. The Chief Guest presented a brilliant session on "Hands-on Science and Maths". The students were thrilled about the concept of making toys on their own, based on various science and maths concepts. The science teachers showed their interest by actively participating in the workshop and the event concluded with a vote of thanks by Vice Principal Ms. Anju Singh.

Visit to AIIMS Hospital by Community Reach Programme students of Poorna Prajna Public School

Poorna Prajna Public School Vasant Kunj students of Class IX under its Community Reach Programme(CRP), visited AIIMS Hospital accompanied by CRP Coordinator Ms. Veena Salaria & Guest Faculty Ms. Sita Ayyar. The interaction of thestudents with Help Age India volunteers at the Hospital was very educative & informative The students learnt about the help being rendered to the Senior citizens visiting the hospital. The visit motivated and inspired the students to help and look after the members of the economically backward sections and the senior Citizens. The Community Reach team of students takes initiatives and through various activities spreads the message that - "Life in the service of others , gives eternal Bliss ". This helps students to imbibe moral values and also makes students aware of their social responsibility as responsible children of the country.The visit strengthened their determination to give back to the society in their humble way.

Plantation Drive held at Poorna Prajna Public School

The Eco-Club of Poorna Prajna Public School Vasant Kunj organized a tree Plantation drive in the school premises and also outside the school along the pavements to contribute towards a greener and cleaner Delhi. Students participated actively with enthusiasm and planted around 100 plants of different species like Neem , Kachnar, Kaner , Amaltas , Jamun etc. Under the motivation and guidance of Eco Club coordinators Ms. Mamta Gupta and Ms. Meenakshi Mehlawat, the students showed interest by making and carrying Banners and Pledge boards saying that they would preserve mother Earth at all costs.
Vice-Principal Ms. Anju Singh joined the event to motivate the children and inspired them to continuously make efforts to conserve the environment .

Display of Inter- disciplinary Activities by students of Poorna Prajna Public School

Open Day at Poorna Prajna Public School, Vasant Kunj, provides a platform to parents to get an inside view of their child's school life. Students of class X showcased their learning and talent on the OPEN DAY organized for Parents. The children created and presented an array of activities integrating all subjects under the theme : "Believe in Oneself". They showcased and depicted their Scholastic skills through debates and speeches. The Co-Scholastic areas were illustrated by students through songs , skits and dance performances. The attempt made the students to think out of the box and present an impressive show under the guidance of their teachers Ms. Bhawna Sharma , Ms. Shakunt Jangu and Ms. Sindhu Kotla. The students involved parents in riddles and jokes which made Parents remember their own School Life.The programme ended with a video prepared by the students on their school life and the making of the programme.The Parents were overwhelmed by the students' performances and shared their feelings and views freely with the gathering. They wholeheartedly thanked teachers and students and also applauded the school's initiative for promoting such bonding programmes that resulted in the strengthening of bond between Parents and students.

Eco club plantation

Eco-Club at Poorna Prajna had organized a plantation drive on 13th and 14th Aug 2015 in the school premises and out side the school at the road side too. classes 6th to 10th had participated in it Around 100 plants we had planted this year. Vice-Principal Ma'am Ms. Anju Singh had joined the event to motivate the children.

Class III B students hosted a Special Assembly on " Child Labour "

Class III B students hosted a Special Assembly on ' Child Labour ". The students presented a Skit portraying the ills of Child Labour. Attractive Banners made the audience aware of the unhealthy practise of Child Labour. Poems were also recited by the students.

Class III A Assembly -- Janamashtmi

Class 3A conducted a special assembly on 21th August 2015.The topic was janmastami festival. The assembly started with the thought for the day.Then a Hindi and english poem followed by a dance performance. The students performed very well.They all were full of confidence and enthusiasm.

Inter House Yoga Competition,21 August,2015

The Inter House Yoga Competition for classes IV and V was conducted on Friday 21st August 2015. The students of the four houses vied with each other for the First Position. In all 20 asanas were performed The soft sound of Music created a perfect mood and blend well with the fluid moves of the students who performed the asanas.
The results were:
Vivekanad House 1st position
Shivaji House 2nd Position
Gandhi House 3rd Position
Tilak House 4th Position