Earth Day Celebration

School organised paper mache Earth making activity for classes 4-8th. This activity was conducted in groups. All the students participated in this activity and learnt a new form of art. It was conducted on the occasion of Earth day on 21st April.

Role play - class 4 A

Students of class 4-A performed a role play on the famous story of 'Pinocchio'. The play was a great success as not only the students showcased it perfectly well but also with great spirit ,while the audience watched it with great excitement. The role play made the story come alive and made it more interesting for the students to watch.

Special Assembly- Class 2 D

On the special occasion of Mahashivratri ,the students of class 2D presented a special assembly where the students were dressed up like lord shiva and goddess parvati , they also highlighted the importance of Mahashivratri and generated a spiritual feeling amongst all the students. A group of students enacted as devotees and recited spiritual songs on lord shiva too. The assembly was well presented and appreciated by head mistress ma'am .

Matra Bhasha Divas

21st FEB`18 – Matra Bhasha divas was celebrated in the school wherein activities for both the languages English and Hindi was organized for primary classes. English activities such as poem recitation, Show and tell, Storytelling , extempore and essay writing . Whereas Hindi activities such as KAVITA VACHAN, KAHANI SUNANA, SMUH GYAN and NIBANDH LEKHAN were organized wherein students not only performed well but with great enthusiasm as well.


15th FEB` 18 – A students picnic for class V was organized to Nehru Planetarium. They were shown a special show about our solar system which was very knowledgeable; they also visited museum and park for a quick bite.

Maths Activity

9th FEB`18- Math's Activity for classes IV and V was conducted in the classes. The students participated in the activity enthusiastically and performed it very well. Activity for class V was to draw different geometrical shapes using matchsticks and for class IV was to draw different patterns using thumbs and palm prints.

Inter School Talent Hunt

3rd FEB`18 – An Inter-school talent hunt for primary classes I-V was organized by Mount Olympus school- Gurugram. The selected five students won the prizes in different fields such as dance, art, instrument etc.

Students of our school were appreciated by all. It gave them a great platform of recognition.

MUN – Class IV & V

2nd FEB, 2018 – A mock session of united nation was organized by the students of classes 4th and 5th. The Topics of the session were Empowerment of Women and Global Warming. They represent 15 countries. Students dressed formally and raised the issue effectively. The session was a great success and was appreciated by all.

Inter house yoga competition

Inter house yoga competition held on 1st February, 2018. Children performed various asanas under the guidance of yoga teacher. Gandhi house children were declared as winners